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  • KIRC Foundation launched it project titled motivating school drop out back to school today.
    the project was successful and in fact the turnout was great.a list of needy children were taken, so that they will be assisted by the organization from time to time . we want the entire nabuur communities to come assist our ICT and school drop outs projects.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am the founder of Art Paradise and my website is: and I want to develop a website for the Elmina branch of your organisation. Thank you


  • Please can a beloved one create a website for TO LIVE IS CHRIST MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL?

  • can i do to get volunteer through neighbour network .org because i love to join any sevices through these nabuur please let me know, am also request you if you may send for us one of your staff to let us know how we can deil with nabuur .org so that our villange may know more about you.
    bye george otieno

  • i am oteng,a social work student at the university of ghana.i love to help people in need and so i would like to take up thye task of being a staff of kirc foundation.i will work perfectly.

  •, just click on the link and your assistance will be granted. all the best

  • My limited experience would say to focus less on computer hardware such as expensive, energy gobbling hardware, like servers and explore more modern options to use 'cloud computing', where data and information is saved in the ethernet. Eg explore sites such as '' for storage and back-up of written documents. Try '' for images and getting your message out to others about what you do.

  • Guinea fowl rearing project seeks to address the root causes of low women social status and mitigate the effects of chronic poverty among women in the district of the Upper East region of Ghana. The project will contribute to the improvement of livelihoods of women, their children of Northern Ghana in the areas of alternative income generation and enhanced food security through Guinea fowl production.for more information and support contact us at or