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Project Chat13the organisation which was sponsoring the guy stopped and now i fear he wont proceed for his studies due to finance
Posted by sadiq on Thu, 2009/05/14 - 11:20
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Freddie Benjamin4Nice meting to you chat
Posted by MinBahadurShahi on Fri, 2008/08/08 - 03:41
Anjana Luitel5where r u from? actually in this i was register 3 min ago , and i amnot understand the methodology to NABUUR, can you tell me???
Posted by GABRIELA CUEVA on Sat, 2009/03/28 - 16:43
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Tatjana0Archived on Fri, 2008/08/08 - 01:22.
Jeennifer7Archived on Fri, 2008/08/08 - 01:22.