110 Wool Caps on the way to Gamauli

110 brand new wool caps are currently en route to Krishna Primary School.

Prior to our project obtaining all of the required votes and being posted to the GiveMeaning.com website, we received a donation for wool so that the women of Yoshikhel could begin knitting 110 caps for the students at Krishna Primary School. The entire knitting project is expected to take about 25 days once all of the money is raised, but Sabina wanted to try and get a portion of the order completed before Min's upcoming trip.

The local representative of the Gamauli village, Min Shahi, is presently en route to Gamauli from Kathmandu. Thanks to this early donation, all of the caps were able to be completed prior to Min's planned trip. Once we are able to raise the remaining $295 for the rest of the wool, another trip will be arranged to deliver the sweaters, gloves and mufflers to Gamauli as well.

When Min reached Dailekh by plane, he took the following pictures of the caps with the baggage tag from the plane ride. Within the next hour, he will be leaving to make the rest of the journey to Gamauli where he plans to present the caps to the students with a Government official. More pictures to come!

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