Help Us Raise $295

Will you help us raise $295 by 1/31/09??

I wanted to share a brief update on our fundraising project. Time is quickly passing by and we still have $295 to raise to reach our fundraising goal. I still believe this is an achievable goal, but we really need your help to get the word out about what we are trying to do and why.

Min and I have decided to establish a fundraising deadline of 1/31/09, although we actually need this money much sooner. The women in Yoshinkel need time to craft the remaining items and taking that into consideration as well as weather changes as Spring nears, we cannot afford to wait.

What can you do?

1. Tell your friends and family about our project. Email them the link and ask them if they would consider making a small donation.

2. Post information on your FACEBOOK or MYSPACE page to tell people about our project and request that they donate.

3. Talk to groups that you think may be willing to make a donation and direct them to the fundraising page.

4. Post messages to TWITTER with links to the fundraising page-make sure you use keywords in your tweet so that anyone searching for information on Nepal, Education, or Children will see your message.

5. Consider making a small donation yourself.

We really need everyone's help and cooperation in making this push for the last $295.

Remember, this will help the students at the school stay in school this winter during days when it otherwise may be too cold for their parents to send them to school. There is no heat other than the sun at the school and children walk to get there. The women of the Yoshinkhel village will also earn wages for their crafting. Your money goes to benefit both the Yoshinkhel and Gamauli villages here at Nabuur.

Min told me that one of the children called him to tell him how much they appreciated their new hat and how warm it is. They also told him they planned to keep it safe so that they can use it for next year as well.

Please consider making a donation and if you are unable to, please share our project with others. Help us achieve the last $295. I know we can do this together.

Visit the project here:

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer and Min

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