Congratulations to Gamauli Local Representative Min Bahadur Shahi!

Please join me in congratulating Gamauli Local Representative Mr. Min Bahadur Shahi!

In addition to his work as the local representative for the Gamauli village here at Nabuur and his work with the Education Concern Center in Nepal-Min has been working toward a Master of Philosophy Degree. He informed me this morning that he has completed his studies and will be graduating next week.

Please join me in extending congratulations to Min for earning his degree. CONGRATULATIONS Min!


Wow! :)

Min! It's truly amazing and inspiring that with all the work that you do, you have the time to successfully complete a Master degree. Congratulations on this achievement!!! :)



Fantastic - your hard work has paid off. I wish you only the best in the future.



Dear Romina

Sorry for being late in my response.
Thanks for your kind word and great soul. I think I am doing some of the things inspired by Jennifer and other volunteers of Nabuur like you. I think I learned lots of things from you and other volunteers. I hope you will be my teacher for ever. Please do not forget me and do not miss me when you learn and gain new knowledge. I hope your sharing for new opportunities that I can learn and gain new knowledge.

Best of all !



Dear Patricia

Thanks for your kind word. I am doing most of things inspired by nabuur volunteers. I hope your suggestions and support in future also.

Best of all