Changes in nabuur school in Nepal

It is challenging to make changes in community schools in Nepal but it is possible if we follow the participatoatory way of implemention of projects in community.

Dear all
Here I have posted two photographs related to imporvement in our parnter school in Gamauli and another one is problem due to windstrom in neighbouring schools in Nepal. I think we are really able to make changes in Krishna Primary School in Gamauli and now the students are really advance and responsible in that school. Parents have started to work with teachers and help improving the facilities in school.

A chid centered and child friendly way of teaching learning that we are initiating in Nepal.JPG
Due to windstrom in last week. Our neighbouring school loosing roof..JPG

Self-supported Schools Training Self-supported Students

Ag Workshops: USA: TX, MS, FL, CA, AR, NM, WA; México, Rep. Dominicana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria,
Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Haití, England, Nicaragua, India, Uzbekistan. South Africa [2011], Indonesia [2012]


Education is the only solution to poverty and population growth

A CD holds 650 MB. The Bible is 1.4 MB. Therefore, a CD holds 464 copies of the Bible. A DVD holds 3,000 copies of the Bible. A dual layer DVD holds 6,000 copies of the Bibles. A video DVD holds 10 hours of video and a dual layer video DVD holds 20 hours of video. Just imagine what would happen if every school in the bush of Africa, the jungles of Latin America and the mountains of Asia had a computer and DVD library to use for teaching and training.

DVDs should be loaded with educational materials: books, videos, Bible studies, etc. The internet is not necessary and is expensive in some areas. People can study for hours on a computer [home, office, cybercafé, etc] using DVDs. 7B people on earth and 2B cannot read [400M in India. 2M in the USA] but they can be educated using video/audio DVDs. Use HTTrack website copier [free] to download websites into computers and on to DVDs.
All computers and laptops operate, internally, on 12 v. Those without electricity use a computer, internally altered, to operate directly on 12 v. from a battery with a solar charger [email for instructions] or a pedal-powered generator. This opens up a whole new way to teach. Thousands of DVDs are available on hundreds of subjects and many are free.

Nations University, University courses for degrees. Arabic, Chinese, English, Español, Farsi, Français, Portugués. Free outside the USA.

School in a Suitcase:, a religious group, has hundreds of schools in many countries; over 100 in Cuba. A person with a computer [operating on 12 v.], printer and DVD library can travel from place to place, on a schedule, to teach and train people. This is a very simple, inexpensive, effective way to educate children, youth and adults Use a bicycle or a bicycle and trailer for transportation.

School in a Backpak: A nomadic tribe in Uganda is using a tablet PC, portable projector, camcorder in a solar backpack, 5m x 3m roll of white PVC banner (screen), to train people in farming. Cost is US$1100. In some places a laptop PC, without the projector, could be used.

Mobile schools:
Vietnam: Computer literacy is a luxury. The Dariu Foundation provides computer training to kids in remote villages using a mobile school equipped with computers, internet access and access to e-library containing DVDs in agriculture, animal feeding, etc. Not only kids but clients benefit from this school.


Kenya: Education for pastoralist communities. “Our organization helps kids from poor families across Africa, Asia and South America to get quality education. We work with schools to create new sources of income. Students get ‘hands-on’ involve-ment and learn practical skills and entrepreneurship”.

 The Learning Farm, Indonesia.
 S. F. Agriculture School, [English]
 Colonia Pirai high school, Bolivia [USA]
 [India]
 [K-12]
 [free courses. Can be downloaded on to DVDs and used anywhere]
 Christian School Project - self-sustaining. R Stiff [Ecuador]
 Chimala Christian Schools [grades 1-12] are self-sustaining. [Tanzania]
 Creation science studies.
 [laptop computers for children]

Other useful information for training and/or profit generation

 farming: organic, no-till in permanent beds using a machete/maize cutter. Never buy fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides. Input cost is 0 except for seed. [minifarms]
 [bicycles]
 [self-supporting students]
 [5 DVDs free to developing countries] Information for doing just about anything.
 Study English: By or
 School buildings made of plastic bottles

Microloans: Students, after graduating, may need some funds for their farm or business. The model for that is: [How to do it right].



Request copy of : Training and income generating ideas and/or Farm training and income generating ideas.

Ken Hargesheimer,

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My thanks go to you Sushmita and Ken for the good ideas posted here. May God bless you all.


OH ,Just say to ever body how are you my friends .we are very grad to nabuur
the mother of the nation .Due to the ideas of my neighbours ST.JOHN'S SCHOOL SEMBABULE UGANDA we are accumulate at a high speed ,whereby same volunteers have involved in .Nicholas morgann student from ENGLAND gave us 200 U$ dollars which are going to help in building the water ground tanks .THANKS nabuur the mother of nation.


Dear friends

In my practices, i use to mobilize the core and peripheral stakeholders so that we can see the multiplier result of the work and amount of investment.