Help us make BIG improvements to Shree Krishna Primary School

Status: Stalled

Shree Krishna Primary School is located in the remote area of Gamauli, Nepal. It is a small school, but as enrollment has grown, so has the need to expand the existing school building. Students range in age from 7-12 years.

Gamauli is a very poor area of Nepal. In May 2008, the World Food Program ceased providing a daily meal to the students at the school. As a result, enrollment has dropped from 200 students to 140. The school has no electricty or other means of power, lacks a proper toilet, has no access to clean water and is heated only by the sun. Parents cannot afford to purchase school uniforms and students often come to class dirty and poorly dressed for the weather.

The local community would like to work on making much needed improvements to the school. They hope one day that the school can be transformed into a model school that others can look to as a positive example. They have prioritized their plans to address the issues at the school as follows:

1. Access to drinking water. (COMPLETED-April 2009)
2. Expansion of the existing school building.
3. Construction of a proper toilet(s). (COMPLETED-April 2009)
4. Other improvements (compound wall, books for the school, etc)


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
In progressSearch for organizations that fund school building projects in Nepal282015-04-02 12:58
FinishedKrishna Primary School Water Project352010-09-25 09:06
FinishedWrite Content for the Education Concern Center Website42008-12-26 03:46
FinishedWinter Clothes-2008 Fundraising Project412009-09-12 17:45
Not started yetFriday Celebration Program02010-07-31 11:19

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedWrite a project proposal for obtaining Tiffin Boxes and Water Bottles for the Students32008-09-20 02:47
FinishedFind volunteer programs that can send people to build a school in Nepal82012-02-26 13:55
FinishedRESEARCH-options for improving the toilet facilities at the school92009-01-13 18:30
In progressShare your Fundraising Ideas62009-01-19 15:16

Step 3

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedFundraising Presentation for the School162008-12-26 01:55
Just startedHelp Secure Story Books, Reference Books and Teaching Materials for the School312015-07-23 08:48
Just startedHelp Secure Playground Equipment and Educational Games72009-02-02 14:30

Step 4

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedScholarship to students from underprivillaged comunity102009-10-19 03:50Two weeks or more

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedDesign plans and cost estimates for the 2-room addition452008-12-26 03:10
FinishedReview the budget for the two class rooms82008-12-27 20:28
In progressINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE- Meet the Project Team422014-07-31 01:45
In progressPROJECT ROOM-A Place for General Project Updates and Information362009-09-29 06:05
Not started yetTeacher Training in Dailekh32010-01-13 05:46
Not started yetVolunteer02011-08-02 17:08
Needs urgent helpHelp us get books, reading materials and stationery for the school 212015-06-09 02:49
Just startedHelp us get warm clothes for the children at our school02014-09-13 14:35