Background: Garden

Our project

  • Over the last two years, the foundation for the social centre has been laid and programmes are up and running. A library has been opened,a cultural dancing and Drama group has been formed and a business Centre has been started. A number of challenges still remain, chief among them being acquiring more books for the Library, paying school fees for the children and acquiring sport Equipment and furniture for the Library.

Project background

Village facts

  • Garden compound is located North of Lusaka Town Center. its a 10km's distance from the town center, which makes it the closest compound to town. as you approach its vicinity loud music from the tarvens will greet you. mango and avocado trees...

  • Garden is among the capital city's oldest compounds. it is a higjhly densely populated area with a mixture of tribes. Originally, history has it that the indigenous people wre the soli.

  • Dioversity in talents characterizes our community. we nhave some who are doing wood curvings for income generation though at a small scale. if supported they stand a good chance of improving. we also have some young good singers around.

  • First and foremost, women outnumber men.Our community is full of variety when it comes to what they like. The commonly enjoyed food is nshima with chicken. Informal business is a common practice. For their leisure, they gather together in...