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Finally, it has taken off. And what a worthwhile wait.

May 2011 Update on Garden village

It's been a year since our last piece of news from Garden village near Lusaka Zambia but it certainly hasn't been a quiet one for Mulenga and the kids at YOFOSO!

May 2010 Update on Garden

News of wins and dreams for the kids of YOSOFO and Garden.

November Update from Garden

There is some exciting news for the village of Garden, Lusaka in 2010, and a short update on recent activities.

Zambia’s Café – A window to the future

For some people, having a computer, an email account and chatting with friends online in a safe place is very common.

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Holiday time at Lake Kariba- YOFOSO kids take a break

A holiday is usually something we save hard for and look forward to all year.

Fundraising goal reached! Louis and Gibson can start Grade 8

After several weeks of lobbying for votes and then donations, we have now reached our goal of raising $440!

Gather your coins...fundraising has started to send Garden boys to school!

Some good news for Garden boys Louis and Gibson- fundraising has now started on which means they are another step closer to going to Grade 8.

Good News! We have 100 Votes

After 3 weeks of voting- we have reached 100!

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