Fundraising goal reached! Louis and Gibson can start Grade 8

After several weeks of lobbying for votes and then donations, we have now reached our goal of raising $440!

Good news this morning! Thanks to some very generous donors, Louis and Gibson from Garden, Zambia will be able to start Grade 8! As examples of excellent students who have shown enormous potential and who have a positive influence over the other youth in Garden, getting Louis and Gibson to school has been a priortity for YOFOSO.
Thanks to Nabuur Neighbours and their friends we managed to get 100 votes within 3 weeks and then the goal of $440 was reached in the same period. Thank you everyone! We look forward to hearing news of Louis and Gibson during their school year.

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Great job to all involved! A great example of what teamwork can accomplish. Congratulations! :)



Well done, and good luck to the boys!



Hello everyone,

Imagine we have not had power from Sunday and I have just read the great news!

Indeed as someone said there is power in numbers and because of this the two boys
will now be in school with the rest of their friends.

Thank you very much for the role everyone played from voting for the project to the
donations that have been made.



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