Establishing a social centre for Children at risk

Status: Stalled


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedHelp Mulenga in deciding what is needed to set up the library232008-03-28 01:43
FinishedAssist in composing a budget for a small library42007-08-22 23:21

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedFind organizations that support small libraries in Africa512011-05-17 23:24
FinishedContact organizations that donate computers262010-02-10 22:57
In progressFind and contact organisations that donate books902009-07-23 16:11
FinishedResearch options for shipping the books and computers402009-02-25 17:05

Step 3

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedFeasability and cash flow forecast172009-01-29 22:43
FinishedInternet cafe tech talk162009-01-05 08:11
FinishedMarketing the Internet Cafe/ Business Centre282011-05-20 11:36
FinishedInvestigate micro-finance in Zambia- options to expand the business centre132010-01-25 16:41
FinishedCreative skills wanted- write or design brochures for YOFOSO182012-04-17 13:48

Step 4

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedLack of playing space in Garden -find solutions, give us your ideas!162009-06-08 16:16Two weeks or more

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Meet the neighbours462011-04-23 18:22
Project room312010-02-01 12:59
Not started yetShared Document: Find organizations that support small libraries in Africa02007-10-22 18:40
FinishedFundraising has started on GiveMeaning 302009-05-20 20:35