Find and contact organisations that donate books

Status: In progress

Through the efforts of many Neighbours over the past 18 months Garden Library has received many donated books! The library has the capacity to hold over 4000 books however right now the library holds 500 books. We have empty shelves! The Library needs more books!

Volunteers are needed to keep searching for organisations that can help with donating books. A document- LIST OF DONOR BOOKS appears in the Resources section for a list of organisations to follow up. We need books for young children from 5 years of age up to young adults of 22-24 years of age. General reading books and some useful, current text books are great too. English language books are required.

Hi Corolyn,
I was wondering if you had any luck with the organization in Zambia you were going to contact:

Hi TJ and everyone else,
I'm happy to have a look at this over the weekend and see how YOSOFO might be able to forge a partnership with the group.

Rescue Mission Zambia"



Hi TJ, I have been investigating this organisation- even beyond it's own webpages. It seems to me they have not been updated for quite some time- so I am trying to find out what work they are currently doing. This has been time-consuming. My intent it to write an email initally to the "manager" and establish contact- and then we'll go from there. Sorry it's taken some time- I am in the middle of moving home!
I will get back to you all if I have any news.


Hello everybody,


Hi Carolyn,
thanks for the update.I have been writing to Mauris, he's one of our neighbours located in Lusaka. Hopefully we can join forces with other local organizations soon.Sinéad, how is the application going for Biblionef?

A big welcome to our latest neighbour Elizabeth from the States. We're looking forwards to your postings.

Mulenga asked me to find neighbours to help him with the YOFOSO programme. It's an outline of all current activities and plans for later. He'd appreciate it of our neighbours would read it and comment on it. It's a project for neighbours with organizational skills and ideally with experience working with youths. Please respond on this board or write me an email and I'll forward the doccies to you.
Last and not least, don't hesitate to contribute with postings on this board. I can't wait to see more postings from our newer members but Nabuur staff is also encouraged to participate.

Speaking of which, I'll be on vacation after Christmas and Gerdie offered to cover for me.

Corolyn, good luck with the moving and a Merry Christmas to all.


Hi guys,
We just received an inquiry from Unicef asking for the type of books we're after. They may be able to get Unicef produced books to Lusaka, which is pretty close to Garden. let's keep our fingers crossed and hope we'll get a result by Christmas.


Thta's great news TJ!
By the way- I have emailed 2 different addresses for Rescue Mission Zambia, however I have had no luck in making any contact. I suspect that RMZ may not actually be up and running any more- everything on their site is outdated- back to 2005. Whilst the gentleman has a profile on another wesbite and I can see he has been active this year- I am yet to hear back from him. I will let you know if anything changes.


Dear Mary, Mulenga, TJ and all Neighbours,

This is Gerdie from NABUUR. I did something stupid. Mary wrote here very good news. And I was so enthusiastic that I pressed the wrong button and edited the message instead of replying to it.

There are books on the way to Garden!

Mary, I am really sorry and I cannot correct my mistake. So please do you want to post your GOOD news again?



Hi Gerdie, Mulenga, TJ, and group!

No worries, Gerdie, I'm more than happy to repeat good news!

I recently received a reply to my September 2007 email to Book Aid (Darien Book Aid) stating they can ship a box of books to Garden, up to 30 lbs, which will be approximately 30-50 children's books. They receive their funding from schools, libraries and other organizations; it's my understanding the shipping expense is taken care of.

The books will be sent airmail using IMEX and should arrive in 6-8 weeks. I have provided Mulenga's name and address for the shipment.

Here is the contact info for Darien Book Aid:
Eleanor King, Foreign Shipping Secretary

If I get more news or have a question I will post asap.



Hi Mary,

Thank you very much for the goods new.Indeed as you said patience pays.

We I broke the news to guys,they all danced and that says a lot.

As I said in my earlier mail our Library is now open and every evening Monday to Friday the children come to read. Saturday is what we call "insaka reading" when all the children choose a book they enjoyed during the week and read to the others.You will be surprised at the rapid improvement in the children's reading.

Once again thank you very much for the books as they will make a very big difference to the children.

As to Gerdie,we are keeping our fingers crossed for a positive feedback from Uncief.



Hi Mulenga,
Here's the official word from Darien Books...

Subject: Books from Darien Book Aid Plan, Darien, Connecticut,USA

Mary Montrey:
A box of books for Zambia left our workshop on February 7, 08.
It should be received in 6-8 weeks. We hope sooner, but we really never know how long shipments take.
Will you please notify the person in charge to be be expecting the shipment.
The box contains around 50 children's books, some hard cover and some paperback.
If possible, please let me know when the shipment arrives.

Eleanor King, Foreign Shipping Secretary


I would like to help contact organizations to donate books. Literacy is one of the most important things I learnt as a child! This means a lot to me. Thanks! Is there any other information I should add when contacting these organizations? And who is paying for the cost of shipping? I'd like to add some names of organizations to the list that was made. The following organizations also donate books, some of them advertise to Africa.

Books for the World
Brothers Brother
International Book Bank
World Vision



if anyone knows anything about the following, i have to write this in my application to Biblionef. Thanks!

-what kind of institution you have in mind: a school, an orphanage or an other project for child care, a short description;

-the age classification of the children who are going to read the books;
how many children are going to use the books;

-proportion boy's and girls;

-the official language area of the regions and the country;

-name, address and a contactperson of the institution where the books are to be send to;

-a telephone number of the contactperson on the spot there and if available a fax number and e-mail address; this is necessary for the transport

Thanks! Sophie


Hello Sophie,
that's great that you're going to put in some applications! I know a few of us have applied to certain book donor organisations,therefore in order to not duplicate your effort, make sure you check out the Village tasks to see which ones we've already been in touch with. I think Mary started a Wiki document as well.
I have attached my application that I sent to Feed The Minds. Mulenga helped me put this together via some telephone conversations so see what you can use from it for your Biblionef application.
Perhaps if other neighbours can post similar applications that would help Sohpie.
Also- sometims it's easier to either "chat" to Mulenga via Messenger OR give him a quick call on his mobile.


Hi Sophie and Carolyn,

Firstly may I welcome Sophie to Garden Neighbourhood and it is my sincere hope and prayer that you will enjoy and appreciate the time you will be spending with us.

To Carolyn,thank you very much for that article you posted for it brings to the fore the challenges we are up against in our quest to deal with the reading culture we have in our country.All hope is not lost in improving this culture, especially if we start by empowering the future generation which are today's children.

Carolyn I am also very grateful to the infomation you have given to Sophie and as you said I am only a phone call away if further Information is needed.

As for the cost of shipment,Sophie,that is the greatest challenge we are facing with most of the contacts we have made so far.

Regards to everyone and it is fingers crossed for our latest application to Room to Read.