Help draft a project proposal for creating a basic irrigation system

Status: Finished

As a first step for creating a basic irrigation system for the village of Geriakula , we need to draft a project proposal for this task . This project proposal will have a complete list of all the tasks and subtaks that will be needed to succussfully create the irrigation system. The project proposal will also have the cost for each task and the manpower resources required for the task .

Dear NABUUR Volunteers.

Today it's International Volunteer Day.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication and invaluable support towards finding solutions.

The time and energy put forth into your volunteering work really make life changing differences for other people.

As NABUUR grows we are honored to work with passionate volunteers such as yourself, as you are the ones who make it happen.

NABUUR and all those involved celebrate you today, and we look forward to a long and continued collaboration.

It couldn't be done without you.

Warm regards,

Siegfried Woldhek



Hi Rafael ,

Thanks for sending the link. I read through the document, and I think it will be very relevant to what we are trying to do here.

For the village of Geriakula, we have already created a project plan for creating the irrigation system. Now , we are looking to find an expert in irrigation systems who can validate this plan.

Would be able to suggest anyone who would be able to tell us if the project plan looks ok ?





I am trying to figure out and evaluating the contrubutions and see what I can do.

See you soon.



Hello all,

I would like to start initiate a discussion on creating a project proposal for the village of Geriakula. The local representative has already put together a project proposal for creating an irrigation system for the village . This project proposal needs to be validated by an expert .

Once we have found individuals/agencies that are experts in building irrigation systems in this part of the country, our task will be to get this project proposal validated by them .

The project work wil then commence when they give the ok for this proposal.

Please do let me know your thoughts /suggestions on all this .

Warm Regards ,