Omega ICT - Gulu

Status: Just started

Omega ICT hopes to provide people centred ICT solution with special emphasis on low end rural communities in Gulu - Uganda, most of whom are presently computer illiterate, making basic ICT training essential, nad first line in our intervention.

It is an indispensable goal to improve the material standard of living, and the physical conditions of life, for as many people of our communities as possible, through educating present and future African youth generation —to face this challenge in a much more dynamic manner.

The dynamism of the present century renders it incumbent upon the population to think in new ways, not the same old ways of thinking that is closely associated with problems of our time. Nothing, but acquisition of new, and relevant alternative ideas can lead to the kind of progress that promises better living conditions to those.

ICT offers the best hope in acquiring such invaluable information and alternative ideas, which if properly used, can turn around the numerous squabbles that has held back not only holistic developments but national economies.

Omega ICT hopes to provide just that missing link – information exchange avenue – which bridges the gap between people and development.


Step 1

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FinishedIn our village the most important issue is: <issue>32010-07-03 09:43
Just startedDESIGN ICT COURSE CONTENT/SIMULATION TESTS172010-08-28 14:52Two weeks or more

General tasks

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In progressINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE - Meet the Neighbours of Gulu village552015-07-23 13:46
In progressPROJECT ROOM - General project updates and information for Gulu village12011-08-15 16:39