Status: Just started

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our village here at Nabuur!

We invite you each of you to join our project and hope that you will take the time to introduce yourself here. Tell us a bit about your experience and where you are from. We look forward to meeting you and working together to bring lasting change to the people of the Iganga, Uganda.

Hi Neighbours,

It is our pleasure to tell you updates of our Village.

This week on 6th October 2009, we received visitors from Iganga District Local Administration; among them here are the following;Iganga District Community Development Officer, His Deputy, Chairman Local Council III Iganga Town Council,Town Clerk, a member of NGOs Forum Iganga District, Chaiperson Local Council I, fellow Pastors among others.

The visitors majory wanted to find out; how are caring for the children, health status of the premises and the children, alerting us about swine flue, way foward of the Organization, how to care and help infected and affected children, challenges among others.

The visitors promised cooperate with us and give support where necessary since the organization deals with children of different problems and needs.

On behalf of the Organization, I welcomed the visitors, thanked them for their visitation, advises and I also promised to cooperate with them for the good of the Organization. I also wished them safe journey.

Kind regards

Pastor Kiranda Christopher
Local Representative


Dear Iganga

I am the owner of a web design company named Pandora Web Box
with url:
I have ten years experience in web design with the following skills:
Html, Xhtml, CSS, DHTML, Corel Draw, AJAX, Joomla, Wordpress, PHP and MySql.

Ability and knowledge to add web sites in Google Search (keywords,sitemaps).
Test your web site in four main browser
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I could create a professional and easy to navigate site along with a wordpress blog if you would like.

When the first draft will be ready I will send you the link and you will be able to have as many revisions up to the point you will be fully satisfied.
I could upload your web site in your web server and
I will also provide free updates service.

Whenever you will need my help please mail me at
I can create dynamic or static web pages.
Whatever you need to ask please feel free.
Attached you could see my CV .
Marina Klimi


Hi marina,
Thanks for your message ,I have appreciated your idea of helping my community.
Actually let me take this opportunity to request you design our Website.
Hoping to hear from you

pastor kiranda christopher


Hi Marina-

Thank you for your kind offer to help Pastor Christopher develop a website for his organization. Will you be in contact with him for the specific content for the site? Pastor Christopher if you need assistance writing and/or editing information for the website content, I am sure that your volunteers here could be of assistance. Let us know how we can best help facilitate the process.

Also Marina-for the sites that you develop, if the local representative wants to make a change - how are you handling that? Are you maintaining all of the sites, or do you turn that over to them to manage once they are completed? Are you charging any kind of fee for maintenance and updates? I know that you are very good at what you do, but also know you are very busy developing sites for many of the projects here at Nabuur. It would be good to know who maintains the site once it is complete.

All the best-



My name is Lauren. I am a new member on Nabuur and would like to help with your project. I just graduated from a political science bachelor and a certificate in International Coordination. I enjoy very much researching and writing. I have a lot of free time on my hands but I do not really know where to start with my research and which information is necessary. If you want we can exchange email addresses and we could discuss the project as well as what is the most urgent. I am looking for guidelines.
I hope to hear from you very soon,
All the best,


Hi Lauren,

Welcome to Nabuur and Iganga. So great to see you around here. For your information Christopher, Lauren is a very good friend of mine and became very interested when I told her about your school.

When I talked the last time to Christopher via chat, we discussed the different income generation possibilities he mentioned for the school as goat keeping, pig rearing, chicken etc. Christopher, did you have already a chance to find out the prices on the market and possible benefits for these different projects? If yes, could you post them here for neighbors to discuss?
If you want we could have a chat with Lauren and you to discuss more in detail where Lauren could maybe help you. Just let us know when it would work for you.



You are most welcome to NABUUR and Iganga.Please we can chat at saturday.
my id :
pastor kiranda christopher


Hi Lauren,

Greetings and Welcome to the Nabuur Community!

There are plenty of task here at Nabuur which might be of interest for you.

Just keep in touch and other neighbours would give you guidelines on there projects.

All the best,

Jeremy Ecle



Dear Christofer it has been a long time since the last time I have heard from you
Did you check the link in order to create a free account for yur web site?
Waiting more content and news from you in order to continue the web design


--am honest n love touching life and creating change in society as to serve the community needs a selfless individual willing to create a better place for all


Am glad to welcome to nabuur and more so becoming a neighbour to our village.


pastor kiranda christopher


Helo all!

Just joined happy to help with advice and practical help. My background is business and finance / accountancy.


Hi Vince

Welcome to Nabuur!

As you will have seen from the information on the Home page, Nabuur links communities in developing counries (known as Villages) with onlien volunteers from around the world (known as Neighbours). Through the Local Representative, the village provides details of their needs (which are posted as tasks on the Project Room page), and volunteers help them find solutions.

There has not been any activity with the Iganga vilage on Nabuur for several months now. Many villages use Nabuur for a while then decide not to continue for a variety of reasons.

However, there are many other villages who are actively seeking assistance at the moment - have a look at the Villages and Volunteer Opportunities pages where you can search for tasks that interest you. Once you find one that interests you, start posting your ideas. When you do that, you should also join the village (via link on the right hand side of the page) as that will make it easier for you to keep track of progress - new postings to villages you are a member of are shown on your My Nabuur page.

So if you want to keep track of Iganga in case there are any updates, join here as a neighbour too.

Hope that helps!



Hi mariaz

Thanks for the great work here at nabuur. I have been lost for some because I have been seeking the face of my God and now am back on board.

pastor kiranda christopher