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  • Jinja is located on the eastern part of Uganda its on the showers of L. Victoria its 80km from the capital of Uganda, Kampala. Its densely populated with over 500,000 people. We have two seasons of rain around March to June and August to November.

  • Jinja was once an industrial town as the owenfalls dam is four kilometres from the town. People came from different places of E.Africa to look for the green pasture but there came a time when there was a bad president and his regime saw off...

  • People in Jinja mostly now are petty traders now that they no longer have any where to work. The population of JINJA is over 500 thousand. Its a mixture of different tribes with different cultures and thare are many women compared to men.

  • The cultural activities: people are farmers, but on small scale.

  • People have respect for others and women which is new to other cultures they kneel as they greet men and each other as a sign of...