New instructor

We have one friend from India who wants to join us in Jinja as an instractor training the women PWDs with skills.

Hi Everyone i know we have been quiet for a caple of months we have been busy on the ground.
Jinja is growing steadly with the support of you our neighbors who are contributing physicaly and finantialy.
Orecent one neighbor from India visited Uganda and she got intrested in working with the PWDs here .
She is willing to train them in making Liquid soap, Knighting,making Candles etc. I visted her in Kampala and we talked she is going back in India then she will be coming back in July to start working with us but at a fee that we have not yet negotiated.
Hope we get some people alongside to meet the cost.


Hi neighbors,
It has been long sice we have been on line,there has been too much work here which has made me not to be active on line but on the ground have been too active.
Since this year begun there have been too much going on in Feb we had Pelle who spent two weeks here visiting the Central and Western part of Uganda visiting projects on nabuur and on the Estern he visited four projects which made him busy we had meet 2conect in central and visted projects in the western.
In June we had along time friend from USA she came with her husband and they also enjoyed the time with us and promised to continue supporting the program.
In July we again received volunteers from Netherlands who also contributed whole heartedly to the building thr secritarial they donated computers and even a photocoppier.
Towards the end of July we got another group of volunteers who built ramps to ease the accecebility of the disabled they also put up a shelter for the wheel chairs.
My facilitator has been too busy and in the corse we got a baby girl being a knew father you know so we have come back and hope to up date you with everything.

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