Mawoito Got christmas gift from the students in USA

It was a wonderful time for the children in Mawoito when they got their Christmas gift free from malaria and they cut the cake celebrating the the Christmas free of malaria.

Yesterday 13/Dec/2009 when Tonny Mulambe the Local Representative of mawoito village broke the news to the multitude of children and some widows who gathered at their home office that we needed to have a free malaria Christmas, as this is the killer disease in our country.
I was invited to officiate in the handing over the gift that Ginger donated. I want to thank the tireless effort that Ginger has put in not only in Mawoito but also in many villages.
We gave out 120 mosquito nets and two beds, four mattresses, table and four blankets to the widowed family and they also got a goat to help the family to educate the children.
I would also want to thank Tonny the LR for the initiative that he put in and to keep up with the good spirit.
Not forgetting the students who heard the story of Mawoito and decided to give all that they have help their co-friends in Uganda.


We want to thank a group of children from the USA through Ginger that donated 120 mosquito nets to children in Mawoito village, Uganda. This was a very good initiative that was championed by Ginger, We would like to thank Ginger for her campaigns towards this noble cause. We now have more 150 children that would also need mosquito nets since this was the first time for this community to obtain mosquito nets.
Thank you all for your prayers.


Wow, this is amazing. You guys just continue to do great things in this area. If everyone felt they way you do and really put their money where their mouths are there would never be malaria or any other disease anywhere. casino en ligne