Employment for people with disabilities

For years people with disabilities have been neglected in the all aspects especially in employment field since they can't compete favorably with the able bodied.

Beam of Hope for the Disadvantaged(BEHOD) for all this years has made tireless efforts to see that people with disabilities are also integrated into the mainstream society so that they can compete favorably in all aspects of life such as economic, social, political among others and generally have an improved quality of life.
On 17th January 2011, BEHOD in conjunction with Ekisa Ministries, which is a newly formed charity (Community based organisation in Jinja), that is working with children in Uganda who suffer from autism and other psychological (mental health) disabilities. They managed to recruit 6 disabled persons ( 5 women and a man)to join their new staff team and this has been a great achievement to BEHOD since we aim at fighting against unemployment and street begging among the disabled in this community.
Having 6 disabled persons employed, has reduced the dependency syndrome among the disabled community hence improving their living standards.It has also given an example to others that persons with disabilities can contribute to the economic development of their society and they can be self reliant and employed.
Therefore this rules out the problem we had in the past about discrimination against the disabled when it comes to employment.
With friendly policies, good practices and support from the government and service providers, persons with disabilities can realize their full potential! Disability is not inability, give us a chance YES WE CAN!!! As our slogan goes "If they can, we can"

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