I was overwhelmed when i met friends who we talked to about the plight of the disabled child and a group of people working with Ekisa ministries responded and donated mattresses to disabled children in Buyuge village in Kaliro District.

What can i say!! i sometimes loose word that i can use to express my gratitude. Virginia Ellsworth of recent bought Dream drip kit which helps to irrigate gardens four for Mawoito and One for Jinja central to help in this dry season to irrigate our gardens. Six of the disabled people got employment.
Hmmm the Ekisa ministries wanted to see some of the work we are doing outside the computer training center and we took them to Buyuge village in Kaliro District when we reached they were touched with the great work and needs that are affecting the disabled children and they donated 5 mattresses worth U Shs 300,000/= to the poor disabled children who were almost sleeping in dirt it was joy and happiness on all the people and the families who benefited.
People saw and learnt that even disabled people have friends who care for others we drove over 150 Kilometers from Jinja.
We are what we are because of your continued support for since i lost Jackie Pellerin of Albuquerque in New Mexico who was sponsoring us we have been facing rough times. But thanks to Pelle, Virginia Ellsworth and some of you who have always encouraged us we really appreciate the great work you are doing.
Thank you all.

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