Secretarial services: how can we get a photo copier in Jinja?

Status: In progress

In order to raise some money for support we want to start offering secretarial services. One item that is needed is a photo copier. What would be the best way to get it?

Hello Everyone,

This was an idea that was greatly discussed and examined for Kabuta, Zambia. I searched all over looking at new ones, used ones etc. We still have not found a photocopier, as the costs were prohibitive. We did however purchase a good printer/copier locally from funds I raised through a barbeque and other individual donations. We wired the funds and purchased brand new, which came with a warranty, appropriate software and we know where to get repair service if needed.

There are a number of points to consider:

1. Availability of consumables - (ink, toner, paper, bulbs,etc). If not an issue, then great!

2. Availability of repair services - photocopiers are often in need of repair and upkeep. Make sure there are services in or around Jinja, to fix the copier. This may determine what brand, make, model, etc to purchase

3. If Used? - There are ways to acquire good, hard-working copiers from around the world (some for free!). Shipping them and covering clearing costs becomes the main issue. They are heavy, and don't necessarily ship well. If considering used maybe acquiring locally would be better.

4. New - As with used, they can be acquired internationally, but shipping and clearing costs can be expensive. Local purchases are the best way to go.

I know this doesn't answer the question of HOW to get a copier in Jinja, but I hope it helps!

Barb :-D


Hi Barb ,
Thank you for the advise it will help us detamine what we can do and its good you have the expiriance so i hope it will help.


Hi Paul

Getting one in Uganda makes sense to me too.

How well known is BEHOD in Jinja? If you can find a way of creating a bit of publicity about what you do and what you need, you may be lucky enough to find some local people or businesses who are able to help either with the photocopier or with other needs?

At the same time, this publicity may also generate some business for your training centre once it opens.



Paul has informed about the prize for a copier in Kampala:

Canon 6016: new - UGS 2.500.000 ($1470,- / €1005,-)
second hand - UGS 1.500.000 ($880,- / €605,-)

Canon 6020: new - UGS 3.200.000 ($1880,- / €1287,-)
second hand - UGS 1.800.000 ($1057,- / €725,-)

I agree we better try to get it in Uganda. Shipment will cost a few hundred Euro/dollars too and take a lot of time (not to speak of other risks)



Hello Pelle and Paul,

Why dont we approach the Indian Association (ditto, the Lions Club; Rotary Club; JAICA - the Japanese aid agency)in Uganda? This is a draft - which all our neighbours are free to add to, or subtract from!

It might be politic for Paul to find out the name of the president, before sending it off! And I also do hope your letterhead sports your website address, Paul!!!

And finally, on a rather more personal note: apart from the fact that I have been without internet access, since the begining of the year, when my previous computer crashed, as a result of an attack on it, by computer malware, I also want to apologise for disappearing for a while, recently: It was because I slipped at a rather steep section, going up a hill - fell, and broke my back.

I have been laid up in bed since, as a consequence: and a real nuisance it has been , too (especially having to put up with such infernal pain!). I am only now able to be up and about, once again.

Still, I am rather glad to be back in the fold, as it were - and hope I can make the odd contribution, from time to time, going forward!

Best wishes,

PS Ladies and gentlemen of Adyaka, the draft follows, below. I must confess that my knowledge of the history, and current state, of both BEHOD, and of the project, is rather hazy - so...

The President,

Indian Associaition,

Dear Mr. .....,

Re: Appeal for sponsorship - purchase of photocopier

We are writing to appeal to your association to help BEPOD purchase a photocopy machine.

We have set up a commmunity-run business services centre and internet cafe, to generate funds, to help make our our community-based project, self-sustaining.

BEHOD, which is the acronym for ......, was set up in ..., with the objcetive of providing skills for physically-challenged and orphaned youth, in Jinaja Central.

Sir, we are approaching you, because we are aware of the many contributions your association has made, over the years, to charitable causes, in Uganda.

We do hope you will, either as an associaition, or individually, as good corporate and individual citizens of our country, respond positively, to our humble appeal - and thank you in advacne, for your generosity.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bulenzi



Hello there Kofi!

Glad to see you back. In fact I was wondering about your whereabouts..... I'm indeed sorry to hear about your accident. Let's hope for swift recovery (as good as it gets)

Thanks for the suggestion, I think its a great idea. Love to hear Paul's thoughts. Also many thanks for the draft letter. Maybe it's time BEHOD gets its own letterhead too, now they have a website :-) (I've also sent the BEHOD board some printed business cards)

I'll discuss it with Paul when I meet him!

Take care,



Hello Pelle,

Thanks for showing concern for my health - yes, I am on the mend, luckily. You are right, I am sure some of Kenya's physically challenged, would welcome spending time in Uganda - especially if their homes have been destroyed.

Pelle, I'd appreciate it if you could put me in touch with the webmaster. Some of my posting somehow seem to change mysteriously, from time to time - and I feel that a little chat with him, could help me stop that online ghostwriter, from ruining my reputation as a writer. Hmmmm, life. :) I trust you are well?

Warmest regards,


Hello Paul and Pelle,

I am sending you a link to the website of a very special organisation. It was set up by a brilliant young man - and it is run by a team of very special and dedicated young people too.

They already have partners in Uganda - so the country and its people are no strangers to them! I am sure that they could be useful partners to collaborate with.

Perhaps through them and their local partners in Uganda, BEHOD's capacity could be improved further - and above all they might be able to point you in the direction of possible funding organisations.

This is the link to their website: Good luck with it!

Warmest regards,


Hello Kofi,
Sorry that you got such accident in the time we needed you most otherwise we are praying for a quick recovery that you can come back in the field.
Again i would like to thank you for the idea i hope it will work.


Hello Paul,

Wabale nyo, sebo! I hope my Luganda isn't too bad - and that it is correct!

Anyway, thank you so much for your thoughtfulnness, Paul - yes, I am much much better now, thank heaven.

Yes, I do hope we can get them to help BEHOD. So let us keep our fingers crossed, Paul. I trust everyone in your family is well? God bless you all, Paul.

Warmest regards,


An idea you might also want to consider is that many of the large printing companies have made a committment to Social Responsibility. Companies often get involved with the local community when there are efforts being made such as establishment of schools, training programs and other initiatives that will provide a means for people to better care for themselves. They usually include information about things they did throughout the year and highlight their efforts in yearly reports to their shareholders, employees and community in general. It may be worthwhile to explore this avenue and look at some of the larger copier companies such as Xerox, contact them and see if they may be interested in contributing as a partner.

I think Barb made several excellent observations as well in terms of maintenance issues, ink/toner, etc.


Greetings, Pelle. I do hope you are well - and happy. :) I would like a small favour from you, Pelle.

Would it be asking too much, if I asked you to get the webmaster, to add my personal website address, to my profile? This is it:

Well, as always, you and Paul, are setting the pace - leaving other villages far, far, behind. BEHOD is actually generating income with its shower and toilet business model.

Naturally, this puts the project in a very strong position when approaching potential donors.

May I humbly suggest that we now approach the Ugandan branches of Rotary International, and Lions International, and ask to be included in their lists of projects, which they will be funding either this year, or next year?

I believe I once wrote a draft for other neighbours to contribute to or subtract from, to send to the two organisations.

If not, then please take a look at either the Matopeni village site or the Kakagema (is that what local rep Kibondo's village is called? I forget!), for a similar document I wrote for them - and let us adapt it to suit BEHOD's purposes.

Many thanks in advance, Pelle: for adding my website address to my profile. :) Stay blessed. And regards to Paul!

Warmest regards,

PS I'd be happy to draft another letter to the two organisations if that should become necessary because you can't find it at the two Kenyan village sites.



Pelle, the Kenyan village is Kangemi and the local rep is Bikundo! Silly old me! :)


Hi Jennifer, Kofi,

I've discussed with Paul and he's going to contact the local branches of Rotary and Lions. That seems to be the fastest option right now. I'm trying to make a printable letterhead and Paul is looking up the names and addresses of the presidents of both organisations.

We'll upload the letter here in the new format (kofi, many thanks for the draft letter ;-))

THe idea is that the copier be bought locally, in order to stimulate local economy and because of costs and risks of transport.

Jennifer, thanks for the suggestion. I'll have a look at Xerox, Canon etc.



Looks like proposals can be submitted online for the Rotary-

Here is a link to more info from the Lions-