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  • Cameras create greater opportunities

    Cameras create greater opportunities

  • Hello Friends,

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    This is a grate task but I think with a very careful planing is going to work out fine.I am thinking of planting it in such a way that it will look like a gareding were peolpe can relax when they want to.YOU should be thinking of spaceing it, geting good specie,and good labouras to help in the planting.and also make sure the soil is very good.

  • s there a way to give me a photo of the item, also other items so that I may present what the item is to my Church leaders to see if we may sell them to members of the Church.
    Keith Race

  • Dear all-

    There were at least two tasks in the project room focused on the development of a website for the Jinja East Village. From what I can tell, it looks like Marina Klimi has developed the following website which is located here:

    Please review the website contents and provide any suggestions for any edits that might be needed or suggestions for further improvements.

    Marina you are amazing! You do fantastic work! :)

    All the best-


  • I am researching a business plan for presentation to potential external funders for Michael and Esther at the RCMI. Trawling the web for ideas and experiences this article from a man called Derek Cladek popped up. He came to Uganda last year to build a pig farm or two outside Kampala.

    Full page can be found here:

    Getting Ready To Build Pig Farms In Uganda Africa

  • Working up a business plan turns out to be easy and complex at the same time. The easy bit is having an idea which seems to work well somewhere else and transplant it. Piggeries seem to be a very popular choice world wide but they are not a Panacea.

    Without understanding the business model RCMI want to adopt it is difficult to realisticaly cost the alternatives, so I need to find out more. To do that I am preparing a questionaire for Richard and Esther to fill in, which will start out at a high level with general ideas and concepts then progressively work down to the detail.

  • Although New Hampshire, USA is a world away from Jinja, Uganda and allowing for those differences there is a wealth of information in this story to help ask the right questions in the business plan.

    Raise a pig in your backyard

    By Todd Quinn, Contoocook, NH

  • Dear all,
    I think Jeremy has similar thoughts like me because the advantage of having volunteers specialize in areas of their expertise and experience increases the productivity of individual and can help the organization to scale up. this is why we have got technical advisers on our general board. if you can get people willing to joint hands with you on this then, it is a good plan.

    Nakaliro / CARDI UGANDA

  • Dear all,