Constructing a primary school in Jinkfuin

The community seeks a feasible plan to construct and maintain a school, consisting of three apartments. The school will provide 95 underprivileged children and orphans a quality primary education, while serving as a model for other schools in...

the vicinity. A local church will provide scholarships for most of the children.

Good Morning. Having the computers and starting work with the youths is most important to me. Seeing them idle and seeing the demand in computer work I just feel a strong foreboding to help them. Up till now 3 computers are there and I wanted about 10. The funny thing is that other computer accessories and equipment are not there at all.
Hi, try something about this. I already feel you are part of the Jinkfuin community and my wife is like she wants you here. I do not why she just loves you the way she does. Each day I go to the Cybercafe she asks me whether you have written to her. Just write any letter to her, it will be most welcomed.
I love all what we are doing.


Teh and Rossel,

Here is the devastating report that was shown on New Zealand Television News about the Karamajong area of Uganda, north of Kampala, is Tonnie living close to this area. Like I said to you Teh, I believe that the pictures of the guys I have supplied above are their true selves but who are using this pictures if they are dead raise funds. The news is for further information for you. I do pay attention. Not just and innocent littel Samoan girl. Test me somemore.

Oxfam highlights the plight of drought-stricken African farmers
We used to get three good rains here a season. Now we don’t get two
Mon, 06 Jul 2009 6:04p.m.

The aid agency Oxfam has just sounded a new alarm over climate change, and the impact it is having on the poorer countries the charity is involved with.
The report released today is called “What Happened To The Seasons” and details the experience of farmers in the tropics who say the seasons are shrinking and becoming less distinct.
It quotes one saying: “We used to get three good rains here a season. Now we don’t get two”.
And that means countries that already have problems feeding their people, are most at risk.
Oxfam invited 3 News reporter Mike McRoberts to visit the Karamajong area of Uganda, north of Kampala, to see why they say action on climate change is urgently needed.
Karamoja is Uganda’s most underdeveloped and marginalised region, now the country’s poorest people are facing a devastating drought.
The local people survive on a mixture of agriculture and livestock, but both are failing as the rivers dry up.
Arid river basins are everywhere, normally filled by months of rain, they are empty because this year’s rainy season lasted only a few weeks.
Consequently, crop harvests are a third less than normal.
Drought is not uncommon in this semi-arid region, generations have even predicted when the next drought would come – around every five years.
But now, like many farmers in sub-tropical and tropical regions, the people say they can no longer tell what will happen with the seasons – let alone when drought will strike.
Previously, when crops failed the Karamojong could rely on their stock.
But a local vet says climate change has had a dramatic effect on herd quantity and quality.
“As the drought goes longer the grass dries up, the water dries up and the animals don’t have enough grass or water and they can’t put weight on,” says Dr Panvuga Pascale.
All over this region there are stories of hunger and desperation, families desperate for food are cutting down trees to make charcoal to sell.
“They lose their food crops, they don’t have sufficient water, their livestock dies and communities sometimes have to move,” says Oxfam Climate Change spokesperson Savio Carvalho.
Moving poses its own problems, with territorial conflicts a common consequence.
Locals sometimes sacrifice sheep in the hope of bringing rain, but it seems in Karamoja even the gods have deserted them.

Well there you are

Greetings to you and Rossel and stay safe. That is what friends are for.


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Here is a new message just recieved. The time now is 9.33pm. First Time this guy Solomon Otieno has requested to add me to his/her friends list. Its like this is how pressure have been applied on me. But no big deal. Now notice how this came from the infor nabuur. So obviously his profile is with this site. I am not going to accept. I have not heard anything again from all others including the white man from Nepal. So I will not bother. I will not reply to the person below. Its too late.The only other thing Teh that was worrying me is that I hope Tonnie and Emmanuel and these other guys are still alive and well thats all. That is the reason I want the real men to contact you or African government or the UN to ensure they are still alive and okay. And right now, talking about this take my own feelings of guilt for simply telling and make an effor to look for them. That is the reason the pervert stalker is loosing out all the way where I am concern. I notice that Clinton is supporting Nabuur and if he is aware of these issues. Of course we can also raise these concern with the government of US and Helen Clark UN in the US of A

Have a read below. to me
show details 9:28 PM (4 minutes ago) Reply

Hi Leutele Grey,

Solomon Otieno has requested to add you to his/her friends list.

Here's a link to Solomon Otieno's profile:

To approve/deny this request, log in to and see your pending friend requests

The NABUUR team

Hope these information are helpful.

Leutele Grey

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Rev Teh,

Greetings to Rossel and Family.

Good to see you again.

Tonnie is contacting me through my Nabuur Email. This is the reason I accept but require ids security and documentations. This is after he contacted me on my personal gmail email wanting 2600 dollars because he was stranded somewhere. He claimed that he had already given you the projects from his side and budget estimation. I am attaching this for your information. He followed up his message for 2600 dollars on my Nabuur email and then the next thing I saw which is sitting uder your name is the call for the facilitator. You know it takes two at least to tangle. I am playing the game and without proper ids and approval, the DPLSMCI project is going to be very straight forward. This is how I picked up also on the estimation cost from Emmanuel about the goats. And its unbelievable that these people are actually workers and members of Nabuur. That is the reason I have shown there photographs and their personal profiles are acutally with this site. So how can anyone lie. I see Rominero or someone because a message came to me that she wants to be a friend I follow the instrcuctions and she was the only one the turned me down to be in the group. That is the truth. The Childcare project is also attached that was sent to me with the message below. So where are these guys. For what is worth my message to the person doing this is like I said before, you are doomed, I will be the one to decide when you are finished if you are still the same one that had stalked me. Jinkfuin Code is it and it will go ahead.

Tommy just attached the fike to me.

--- On Mon, 6/1/09, Mulamba Tonny wrote:

From: Mulamba Tonny
Subject: Rev.TEH
Date: Monday, June 1, 2009, 3:24 PM

Please find attached detailed budget estimates per activity.
Please REV, you let me know if you have got it as you wanted it.
I have not yet got the email address for Emmanuel
Hope to hear from you soon.

New Zealand 6pm news on TV: Oxfam highlights the plight of drought-stricken African farmers very upsetting pictures

So Teh, just to ensure that all goes well and I have not done what I promised to do, nothing will stop the Project. But we will ensure that everything will be implemented accordingly. Remember that person Amar he did said to me that I do not forget that he did help me. What he meant was that he was the one that did the cost estimation for the school project.

Remember this
(Yo Amar, why arent you talking to me. I'm telling Teh on you. Later .)

This is on the other side where you and I started to pick up on designing the Project document leading up to the charter and then I continue under this side. (Above that Tonnie also appeared and said he was praying for the project. And you Teh pop up and said "Thank your for praying for this porject". Have a quick look at it). Happy to answer any other questions.

Take care Teh. Greetins to Rossel as well.


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I am very concern about the issue concerning the potential HIV Cases of Animals that appeared to have been tested and send to Waitaka and then were breed in there. I am talking about the document that I have received and attached back to Emmanuel. This happen during the time you and I were working on the Estimation Cost for the Jinkfuin School. These Estimation Costs are attached in this very area. One of the document estimation cost was this one attached about the goats and hiv testing that is raising my concern.

I want to make an enquiry through the UN Secretariat and the African Government and World Health Organisations to conduct an investigation concerning this issue. I will research more information about the report that came through just now about the situations that are worsening in Ghana. Dont you worry I myself will also write to the authorities.

I accept Tonnie's offer to me to be the facilitator. I do not call it facilitator simply because I am not living in that location to facilitate anything. Rather I want Tonnie to communicate with you or with us on here and tell us from his own mouth what is really needed. My role then is more into acting out Bridging the gap and drawing up potential projects and needs and report them through to you to be included in the project come July 30th.


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Have you got from Tony his real email? The other one came through a kind of scamming. Has he explained tha?

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Tonnie Mulambe via Teh Francis Yai Jinkfuin GMM

These are your community needs:

provide school uniforms
-provide scholastic materials
-provide mosquito nets to orphaned children
-provide improved piglets to orphaned families
-provide local chicken to families.

Leutele's Suggestion Via Teh Goodness and Merch Mission Jinkfuin

These items fall under the categors of "daily operational needs" Needs assessment and Prioritisation. The reason being that you got to ensure you have stocks of these available all the time you need them. So school uniforms and materials, cottons, materials for mostquito nets, or ready made mosquito nets etc, sunglases, caps, readymade school uniforms, school equipments and facilities and stationeries assorted and books, food, lunches, art and craft equipments and so forth must be readily available 24/7 meaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week etc. There must be shops in Ghana that are already suppling these. Okay? See the definition of Clientel or Customers of DPLSMCI which will tell you if you and your people (locals/community) are qualify for this. If you are , the connection is with Jinkfuin Goodness and Mercy Mission organisation.

If there is a card available for DPLSMCI special approval will be granted with the card in accordance to the governance of the DCPLSMCI in partnership with Goodness and Mercy Mission and the UN Funding Regime. The reason being is so that you will be exempted from paying these goods but the card will for now help you purchase them in Ghana and the Funding from UN Pulbic Foreign Aids and the Government of Africa and the DPLSMCI will take up the expenditure. This can be a temporary arrangement while the DPLSMCI and Mercy Mission etc with Teh sort out the Coproration and the products and services required while you and your community also concentrate on improving your micro culture entrepreneural activites and back on your feet. This arrangement enables locals to handle own processess, make decisions and operate your small business. See the Project Documents available in this area Nabuur site.

Piglets and Chicken

Now as for the piglets (What are piglets? (are they little pigs) and chicken. Are we talking househould poultry and horticultural type of thing. Because this is what we do in Samoa As well, I understand alittle bit. Now a good point here, in my culture it is well known under this type of thing and I miss it alot.

It says in our music, "O isi nuu o Europa, e faatau i tupe mea na, ae ole aganuu Samoa mai le vavau. O le "faamolemole" lona tau. What this means, is that goods and products such as flowers, vegetation, plants,horticulture goods and poultry animal farming etc, where these types of products are concern, countries in Europe sell them at monetary prices and paywith money. But with the Samoan Culture from the begining all one need to say is the word "please" and it will be given. This is the price value for those things .

Possible Solution - Teh

We still do that although some families depending on how much they need money ask for the money fair enough. There is two ways to do it. For a start see if you guys and families can compromise and exchange. Easy and fast less problematic. But I can see the significance of this to your people. Therefore, again, when you start expanding your call for help usually in my experience to make it more effective,looking outside for answers means designing a proper method of making it worth our while in doing these effectively and efficientlly with quality health animals. We also have to impress others. If we dont there will be a problem because of the size, expenses, etc involve in it.

So we can discuss this with Teh and I am sure he will be reading this and design a method. Now to do this approriately, we need to go through the proper African Authorities relative to negotiations and with other countries to see if they can supply you with pigs and chickens at a lower cost and abit more than just asking for 1 or 2 or 3 or 10 chicken. This involve estimating cost per animal, deliver or distribution cost, insurance for safety and guarantee that the animals are healthy and no related diseases attached to them. This is to safeguard you and your people's healthiness. Now have a read here and see if you agree to it. Most importantly we got to be mindful of the costs involve where market mix is concern.

Leutele Grey

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Hello Teh, and the team. Greetings Rossel. Some important Issues: Attached are some of the important things perhaps we need to look into. At this point I have provided here the reply again from Tonni Mulambe.

Governance is important. Approval and Decision Making Processes are significant. Managing Resources and Risks are important. Contingency Plans are important. Ethic and Culture are extremely important. Therefore best practices must be adopt and encourage: To ensure that we are respecting and provide for our clients and customers see DPLSMCI, it is important to ensure that we develop appropriate legal contracts and or argreements with the external environment organisations the culrure DPLSMCI requiring accurate photograph ID and other IDs perhaps made through the laws of the Government of the particular countries and the UN branches or High Commissions Branches of respective countries of organisations and charities we deal with and of course the organisation governance rules and regulations. Our purpose is to ensure that the right clients and customers get as we promise.

Leutele Grey

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Tonny Mulambe wrote:
Hi Grey, thanks for your message. Please find below the activities for the project.
-provide school uniforms
-provide scholastic materials
-provide mosquito nets to orphaned children
-provide improved piglets to orphaned families
-provide local chicken to families.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Leutele GRey wrote
Hello Tonnie,
I am wanting to ensure that you Tonnie is the same Tonnie that wanted me to be his friend and no body else. Because when it comes to funds and money whats important is the you that is living on the site of the project and that you and your community is getting the money and resources if we are being blessed. I guess that is the difference and I will in the end be happy that I truly give something to help you. Money and resources are things we got to use with respect. Do this by ensuring that the real people needing money and resources are getting them in peace. That is what volunteer is all about. I will take these things that you said and develop a project under the Jinkfuin Code with the approval of Teh. Be prepare with your ids because we will need your correct photo ids and other ids and we may sign the contract or agreement with you, Teh and me. Put these things together and a short letter to accompany them to Teh and the UN Office. I may want copies of them too.
Leutele Grey
July 04 2009

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The people below are the ones that email to me asiking to be my buddies and I accept. I already caught up with Emmanuel reference the Bucket drip activity. That is how I introduced my self to him and the crew there. Then I departed to introduce myself to Teh and develop the DPLMSCI as you know and the rest. This is the reason I kept going and have look at how Emmanuel is doing and you know Teh and wife. Emannuel is first follow by Tonnie. I will look for pictures of the others. And then I will be at peace. Sorr I got to do this. I want them to talk to me and tell me how I can help them. Later on I will publish here the message came through from Tonnie and my reply. Be cool. E-mail:
: Nepal
Village / City:
Bukavu, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
Personal website:
Mpoya Kiirya Eddy
Village / City:
Village Buzaya Kisozi, Uganda
My motivation:

My network (From Nabuur site)
Birendra Baral
John Mukucha Dunia
Mpoya Kiirya Eddy
Tonny Mulambe


Mr Bk Baral.jpg
Mpoya Kirrya Eddy.jpg
John Mukucha Dunia.jpg
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Yes the internet and system are very slow indeed. I will be getting my other computer in soon. But look as you may have notice. I needed to double check those two uganada villages Waiteke and the other one for Tonni. They are obviously doing very well and need no further help. What they are working on are now rountine everday and seasonal jaws. Understandarble. So the teams working on those are very professional and are doing what they do best. I guess my role is to work on the projects, finished the project and move on to the next one. while the vilagers and Mission and Mercy Mission Jinkfuin can take over the local administration of the daily operational side of things. yes?

So now I am satisfied and moving on to do jaws for Juinkfuin alone until the project is over. I wont discuss here the other side of project. But things are going as well as can be expected from this end. Lets quickly scan those other projects. Do not take it too hard. It is just a matter of whether or not you still need those things and then confirm them and add them to our DPLMSCI project and design fundraising as well. But its important to redesgn in a much more sustainable manner so that at the end there is a standard acceptable and accessable method of process that maintain the supply to satisfy daily needs in the future. Think now and longterm.

So cheer up. You sound like you need a nice cold bottle of wine and play some music. God himself from what the nuns and the priests taught me when I was little know how to make himself tired and then have a rest. I am sure he party alot too and it was more than a week and not just Sunday, dont you worry about. Last week I had a couple of bottles of wine as well. But I love jin and tonic too. Now have a drink.

Your friend, man I am happy to far away from you. I am also looking for other opportunities and this time I would like to meet some people from Russia. I get really bored when I am not thinking. Sorry


Leutele Grey

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I will answer you tomorrow.Our internet lines are slow. Too much rainfall. Only got caps for albinos. Only three computers for now. Have not bought any bike, though saving money for one. Only knitting is done at the workshop. Have not got funds for other activities to function. Still needing more computers. Have secured aid for some orphan children. I think I will give you more details.I am doing the assignment.

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I have also retrieved this recycling computers task. The message is below. What is to be done now. Have got the computers. What has been achieved? What work is left to be completed. I am interested if you got some computers. If not perhaps we can start doing something about this? Its important. Leutele

Here is the message:

Thanks for volunteering too for the recycled computers task. In fact, we have only two computers for the computer school for youths in Jinkfuin, no other equipment. How can we go about it?
Thank you for so much concern you have for us, here and at Nabuur.

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Have a look at the attached if you have time. What is left to be done. Have you got the motorbikes. Is this and the others going to be part of the DPLSMCI. These I think were the work I got from UN Oline. What now. The message is below: I am only wanting to check to ensure that consideration have been given and what further can be done if nothing has been done. Leutele

Thank you for volunteering with us for this project. Through your contribution, we will be able to help them. See more of what is needed. The following excerpt from our blog page will throw more light on what is needed. We want to cater for the needs of about 150 albinos. We wnat a project where somebody will be able to donate a cap, sunglass or all the items. See blog excerpt
" The major problem faced by albinos in Cameroon is sunlight having a bad toll on their eyesight. GMM has just discovered that donating sunglasses and caps to them will help solve the problem. A lot of caps and sunglasses have been donated given by an organization in Spain and some friends. Even after they are finished, abinos pour in to the GMM office on a daily basis. We are looking for people who will help donate sunglasses and caps for the albinos. Just a sunglass or a cap is highly appreciated.

1. You can donate by shipping caps and sunglasses to albinos in Cameroon. See shipping address below.

2. You can also donate by sending donations to GMM office to help buy caps and sunglasses. A good cap in Cameroon costs 3000 FRS CFA, and good sunglasses for albinos costs 2500 FRS each. A US dollar is about 450 FRS CFA. 10 US dollars are about 4500 FRS CFA. Buying a cap and sunglass for albino will cause 5500 FRS CFA about 12 US dollars. Contact us through this email to see how you can send donations today,

Mailing address of GMM:
PH: +237 75726548

adobe flash cs3 style wallpaper_without logo.jpg
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I have retrieved this origninal proposal. You and Mr Singaravelan Thangavelu Project Facilitator designed this constucting a Primary School at Jinfuin. There are some very important information in this document. And I remember sort of arguing that I all were okay but I also prefer my artistic architectural designed and you agree and so someone was working on the estimation costs and was doing a very excellent job. And this should link to the estimation costs I display with the News Flash. Just getting us back on Track. Now Both you guys are busy and that is why you can sort of reflect and let us no if we are okay and welcome to the project manager and facilitator Singaravelan Thangavelu and nice to know you and understanding great person. The ice cream is a peace offering. So be cool and really take five. I continue to look for more forgotten plans



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