Constructing a primary school in Jinkfuin

The community seeks a feasible plan to construct and maintain a school, consisting of three apartments. The school will provide 95 underprivileged children and orphans a quality primary education, while serving as a model for other schools in...

the vicinity. A local church will provide scholarships for most of the children.

Great Teh and Rossi: Here is another beautiful song from Waltz disney. I learn it when I was in college and end of school play we learned and perform the famous Somewhere over the rainbow. I was chosen to conduct the school choir at form four. Little did I know I clean sweep the: Prizes for : First in class, first in english and first in Christian docitrine. Heres the song: I though it would be nice as a loving message to be conveyed to your graduates from Leutele. They can read it.


When you wish upon the stars,
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desire will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon the stars
Your dreams come true

Fate is kind, It brings to those who love
The sweet fulfilment of their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blues,
Fate steps in and see you through
When you wish upon the stars
Your dreams come true.

Nice on guitar too. Now do not forget the photographs.



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Teh and Rossel,

Here is a special tribute from life a special song. Sorry you can not hear me sing it. But I will love for you to try and put your own tune to it. One day we will hear it. It is one of my best gospel music. Play it with guitar. And I hear life in great harmony even the strings of my guitar brings out the singing harmony. It is called: I have included a picture to go with the music. Hope you enjoy it. That is how you can promote in Jinkfuin. Enjoy.


This is our Nation
This is our Land
This is our future
This is our hope
A land of reaping, A land of harvest
This is Jinkfuin, This is our home.

This is Jinkfuin land, and the Holy Ghost.
A land of red dust plains, and summer rains.
To the sun burnt land, we will see Jinkfuin,
And to this Greatest land, the Ghost comes.


This is our Nation,
This is our land
This land is plenty, this land of Love
The richest harvest, is in her people
We see revival, the Ghost comes

This is our Nation,
This our our Land
This lovely kind of dream, of years gone by
Unto his people we see a harvest
We see Jinkfuin, revival comes.

I hope you and Rossel with teach it to the school and church. I am sure your earth will hear and immendiately knows.

Today is Sunday, I usually enjoy waking up early and cook nice lunch. This time i made choclate and weetbix muffins for desert.
Give us a chance to sort things out and then I will post more news flash on our Diary and other things.

By the way, if you want some more music I can post them on here. It is really great, because it takes wipe away all sorrows and what nots. Best regards to both you and the wife.


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I will also read it here and the replies. Thanks. We are just from graduating some students. I may send you pictures of the program tomorrow.

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Hi, I can play musical instrument, poor in singing, but my wife is excellent at both. music is good for the soul. I love the way you are keeping track of all our discussions and communications. You are helping me and teaching me too. Thanks for everything.

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Hello Teh,

I am wanting to inform your and the team about the Proejct Scope/Charter that I have prepared. I emailed in on THursday morning to Teh. It took me half a day to do it. I now have a reply from Teh through the email. Tomorrow is saturday and I will post the docment as well as the replies on Nabuur site. Sometimes very difficult to follow dialogue coming through. I think you know what I mean. So I will give it the rest of tomorrow and it will then be on by 7 pm New Zealand time Saturday May 23 2009.

Once again

Good night.

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Malo Lelei, (Tongan greetings) Teh, Hows your lady I am going through some of the message so I can add in news flash for Project Possible Diary. Okay.


On imporatant matter I want to mention here: The rational of the Project Scope produces applications for the Bossess from all bases. If you have alook again later at the Project Original document. It actually spells out our approach from a holistic perspective (or the whole picture). There are some charts which set out criterions as guidelines to decision making involving Basic Daily needs and Longterm basic needs. This process identifies and diferenciate between potential pojects and daily needs. Now this is problematic area because although all are basic needs, not all of these activities can be projects therefore different effective and efficient methods to address them. For example: Food and clothing and sunglasses demands are not projects and require immediate attention to ensure unending supplies are available each day. If it is an intitiative that requires building a school, this involvoes a fair bit of planing and organising with high levels of costing and more longterm time requrements. Even though it is urgent, the nature of it fits into the catagory of a project.

Now our Infrastrucute Project is dsigned to address these issues appropriately. Because different methodologies are need to address them appropriate.

I have updated Diary with News Flash. I thin I am now abit up date with the publications and news.

Guess what Teh and Rossel, poor Adam did not win the American Idol. Probably because he doesnt know how to play musical instrument compared to Chris. However Adam is just massive. I will buy his CDs. I wish I can watch the Idols road show. Man what a bama.So unfair because he just set new standards for American Idol.
Teh do you know how to play a musical instrument? I play 12 string guitar and the ukulele. My family are regarded as the first muscians of Samoa. We started from home to the church. When I am tired I get music out and play the guitar and sing. Very good theraphy.


Tia wishing you the best with the good wife

Signing off now.

Cheerio and 10/4 over and out.


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Wish you all the best for the work.

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First of all, may I take this opportunity to convery my warm greetings to your beloved Rossel. I'd love for Rossel to communicate with me through email or here anytime. What a beautiful name. Mybest wishes to all your home base crew and children and the community.

I have submitted the Scope of the Project for review and comments to our boss Head Office base. Probably tomorrow sometime I will publish it here for project team and members if any for communication, awareness and understanding once I get the a'okay .

The scope of the project produce guidelines and answer question incluiding brand lcensing suggestions. Hang on in there. I am sure our boss for internal organisation Head Office base (here) will inform your Juinkfuin Homebase and my New Zealand base of progress.

There is a bit of legal work to be done concerning the brand licensing issue. I think the boss may need further information from me for all to be okay and you will be notified according to developments.

Meantime, thanks for all the photographs. I have alot of plans for them. I hope you guys will update my project photo album once photographs are available.

Regards to you and family



samoa luxury by the beach.jpg
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Very important information. Kind of very good advice. I will soon email you about the account.

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I adopt your plan. It is great.More pictures underway. I will not have lights at my lodging for two days. The transformer blew up,but will have access to electricity at a friend's place.

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Do you mean I should license the brand from here? I need little interpretation. Forgive me if i am not getting things that fast. You mean something like registering our DPLMSC or? Help me! Iwill act fast.

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Hi Teh,

I sort of got this Economic commision for Africa UN organisation.
Access it by typing:

Click of "sub regional area" and it well bring up West Africa and some issues

Hit on "About the Office" And it will link your directly to the contact near you. We can particularly write to these guys for support for bringing in the Charity organisations and other shops.

The ECA Office in West Africa serves the following fifteen countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

The ECA West Africa Office is located in Niamey, Niger.

Click here to learn more about the objective and strategy of Sub-regional Offices.

Contact Information:

Mr. Abdoulaye Niang, Director
Subregional Development Centre – West Africa
P.O. Box 744
Niamey, Niger
Tel.: 227-72-29-61/ 72-27-88
Fax: 227-72-28-94

What do you think boss?


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Hi Teh,

Thanks alot for the pictures.

One problem. I vote that we adobt my plan attached below for the school compound. Let Jinkfuin initiatie using of new building materials. Is there a particular reason that we can not do this? Answer is no. Yeah

Goes with the estimation costs for school and kindy for preschoollers.

See ya


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Teh, the Crew and the Doers,

You guys alwasy give me a hard time even when I am busy.

I did not know that my own ways will make cry. Sometime I do not want to be a crying person. I mean everyword that I have said Teh. Do it for your self and your people. Do it for LIFE. Like I said, one day your will understand my vocabulary.

Please discuss with the bosses how and find someone to issue a license too so that we can give you more funds for your savings. The way to do it, there are companies that are willing to buy licenses and provide materials and workers to do other projects as your DPLSMCI says. Techccultology can also help you financially.

Talk this over with the guys and let me know so we can draw up contracts.

I love you and I did not know they were going to show my feedback here. Now this working person is crying and want to go to sleep. Contact the "Doers" and we can arrange for time to do this type of online discussions and everyone will be happy.

Good night


Wish upon the stars.jpg
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I want to set up the appropriate Project Scope particularly our Milestones, however, at this point I can not do that yet Teh, because sometimes drawing up an appropriate Project Charter or scope puts demands and restrictions in areas we are concern with: our own abilities and cultural impacts and our level of education. It provides unnecessary constraints whereby simplicity approach may be the way to do this. I know, even my self have to readjust pace and align plans and strategies with all concern. Sorry. Even simplicity approach provides challenges but nothing we can not handle. We got to reconcile bits and pieces

So First I have updated Project diary: There is no need for budget with the diary. All it needs is just keep recording tasks completed, tasks not done, suggestions, ideas anything important meetings to become agenda. That is all I have done. I am sorry, as we continue to progress along day by day; I too continue to see the need for other paper work to be done. So I will obviously look into those jobs if no one is doing them for now. But yes, we got to be flexible. This means that if we have very rigid policies in place it will be a disaster because we have to follow word by word, if you have people that have the gift and ability to do these things please by all means. Let someone from your end take care of your diary. I will do it too from this end and we can compare and update. No props. Usually what we are doing also tells your Rev that expansion means creating more jobs and more micro, small and medium sized businesses. Do not Freak out because that is good for Jinkfuin. You will sell many opportunities for good fortune.

Second: THE DOERS, (MEANING DARE DEVILS NO HOLDS BAR, GO FOR BROKE OR DO IT) We have the group call “ the Doers” Do not laugh. Tonny and those 3 guys can do some work because they wanted me to work with them too, These invitations came through the email one girl I ask did not reply at all. I think it is best to have a bit of discussion with them about their area of needs too and it is common courtesy. Well done

Third: What ever the case may be, YES YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT FROM YOUR LOCATION: Your fundraising with the community can be banked in that account: National funding can go in that account. Government grants can go in that account. Other transferences from offshore can go in that account. Go to your local bank and discuss this with a retail banker or any officer.

If you already have one that is even better. Ensure that you are one of the signatories of the account. You can even ask them for bank card if available in local bank. Your investors or donors from Foreign countries can link to that account and transfer funds into it.

Another option: if the interest is not high than open a Savings account, so that you can have capital put aside for all monies from fundraising and donations go in to that savings account and savings feed the current or operational account. Like I said we compliment and join forces with all other services already there. Here in New Zealand $10 to open an account. Ask your bank because you have too have those accounts. I am talking particularly for our Local Area where all things are happening for the Project. That is Jinkfuin. As we go along I would like the group to comment about any weaknesses or strengths and what is influencing those weaknesses and strengths. So we can discuss ways to jumb those hurdles. Finally remember how I said that TQM total quality management must be inserted back to the culture. Well as an example, all cultures like yours and mine are suffering in a big way because like Samoa, Culture sustain the wealth of each nation. It is important to nurture culture, but most of all we got to learn to manage our cultural real properties lands and all. This is the great learning the project can offer your people. Hence loving and caring for environment and the "Triple bottome Line" Economically viable, socially responsible and loving and caring for environment. In other words your governance will also preserve the core Values and stimulate progress.

Best wishes and I hope that these information will be of value to you and the home crew.



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