Jinkfuin School Receives a Donation of Textbooks and Supplies

Thanks to a generous donation by Gary, a volunteer from the UK, the children at Jinkfuin School will be enjoying additional resources to help support their education.

Textbooks, chalk, balls and exercise books worth 380,000 FRS CFA have been donated to the elementary school Jinkfuin.

Reverend Teh reports, "Gary loves the children so much and since they are all needy children he has decided to do this for them. Children can't study properly without their textbooks and Gary has just provided that. There is jubilation all over the school and we hope to start a kindergarten soon."

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Gary will teach the children at the school in Jinkfuin from now till December, trying to make sure the supplies are properly used for the benefit of the children. The children are happy to have a European as one of their teachers and the village is really happy for Gary's concern. Gary is from New Castle, UK.


Please do tell us all about Gary's impressions. I hope that the children have fun listening to his accent and discovering other things uniquely different than that they are accustomed to.

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Children really have fun listening to Gary's accent. They are picking up as he tries to slow down with them. One of the exciting things is that Gary is at home with all these children and they have grown to be fond of him.I will be posting some pictures of the experiences in the coming days.