A BIG Update and Overview of Developments in Jinkfuin, Cameroon


We are Joris, Meghan, Sanne, Yvonne and Zaher and we are the Worldschool students. We are going to work on the project by researching sustainable ways of building a school and creating a sustainable energy system. In 5 months time we will come up with an end report, including all the things we have found. If anyone has any ideas concerning our project we are willing to hear them. If we have any questions we hope we can ask them here.

Kind regards,
Joris, Meghan, Sanne, Yvonne and Zaher


Sebastian of the What Took You So Long Foundation has just given a new name to kind of fundraising we do at Jinkfuin, calling it "the banana effect". He named this because he heard how locals donate bunches of bananas and are able to come up with many good things in the school. This week, Teh and Gary Laikney, a volunteer from the UK, traveled to local carpenters on the GMM Motor bike begging for desks for the school. So far we've got 7 benches and some plank donated by the local carpenters. Teh is shocked to see that these people are able to donate freely for the school. Each day we are teaching locals the importance of donating for worthy projects. Thanks Gary for introducing this new method of getting material for the school.
We hope that people donate too for the construction of the other buildings and other needs of the school.


Locals too can make good donations. We have again got 5 desks for the school through local donations. We went out begging and now the children have some desks to be comfortable with.