Income Generating Activities for Widows

Status: Stalled

The community of Kabondo would like to develop a micro-loan program for women and widows in an effort to increase income and provide the means to support the many widows and orphans. The aim is to develop a revolving or merry-go-round fund that would allow a small group of women (to start) to use towards income generating activities. The women would be assisted with business plan development, business management and other areas of running a small business. Once the loan is repaid, the funds would be used for other women in the community.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedIncome Generating Activities - Help Develop Criteria for a Micro-loan Program662011-10-20 07:53
FinishedHelp Find ways to raise funds for the Micro-loan start-up 182009-06-19 05:35
Just startedKey Success Factors132009-12-10 20:27A week

Step 2

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FinishedProvide input on alternative strategies72008-01-26 19:15
FinishedAgricultural Training and Support - Discussion on best approaches152008-09-27 02:47
FinishedAvocado - Possible Income Generating Activity1102009-02-09 22:19
FinishedResearch Sweet Potatos 232010-01-12 20:06

Step 3

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FinishedFind Personal Items for the Children442008-11-26 23:05
FinishedFind Mosquito Nets172008-01-26 19:14
FinishedFind Educational Supplies252008-11-26 23:09
FinishedChristmas Party - Help make this a success372007-12-27 16:30
In progressFeminine Hygiene Products for the Female Orphans702012-02-20 06:48
Just startedTeaching women and girls to make cloth sanitary pads422009-12-07 05:41

Step 4

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FinishedFind a Bicycle22007-10-13 06:16
FinishedFind a Laptop or Computer82007-10-14 01:24
FinishedFind a Camera for the Project12007-10-13 06:20
FinishedLocate a cell phone92008-08-19 06:25

General tasks

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FinishedWho can volunteer to combine two proposals into one!142008-07-28 07:12
FinishedFinancial expert: Have another look at the budget summary!132007-09-27 23:15
In progressHelp find out where Kabondo can get funding372009-09-28 21:14
In progressWeb Master - Help write content and keep the site updated832009-09-16 19:09
FinishedMaking Bed Kits for the Children662009-02-02 22:34
Meet the neighbours262013-06-24 10:13
Project room512009-07-09 22:45
Shared Document: Who can volunteer to combine two proposals into one!02007-08-30 01:20
Shared Document: Financial expert: Have another look at the budget summary!02007-09-04 19:03
Not started yetShared Document: Find Mosquito Nets02007-12-08 10:34
Shared Document: Find Mosquito Nets02007-12-24 02:42
Shared Document: Website Development02008-01-23 07:36
Shared Document: Making Bed Kits for the Children02008-02-21 05:43
FinishedServers for Kabondo212009-09-04 19:35
Needs urgent helpSupport With School Materials and the building of Classrooms for Kolal Primary School52011-11-30 05:39Two weeks or more