Experience in Tourism? Help Us Establish an Eco-Tourism Camp

The Kajiado Village is seeking skilled volunteers with experience in tourism to help establish a camp site for tourists in their community.

The Maasai people inhabit the Olkiramatian group ranch. The group ranch is divided into three phases: the northwest fringe has potential for agriculture and has been set aside for farming; the eastern part of the group ranch is the widest, with vast space for livestock keeping; lastly, the northeast part is blessed with vast plains and forest patches that are both wet and green year round. This section provides a home to many different types of animals and birds. More than two hundred beautiful bird species have been reported within the conservation area.

Our community hopes to establish a camp site for tourists as we work to promote environmental responsibility and wildlife conservation. We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with volunteers from around the world with experience in this area. We hope that you will consider joining us in the Kajiado village and look forward to what we can accomplish together.

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