Background: Kajulu

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Project background

  • Welcome to Kajulu, a Village which hangs on two hills bordering Western and Nyanza Provinces to the North in Kenya. Its beauty is derived from its neighbourhood- Kisumu City, the third largest City in Kenya which anchors itself on Lake Victoria.

  • Kajulu lies in Western Kenya near the border with Uganda. Illegal activities thrive in this remote area, where the authorities can simply be evaded by crossing the border.

Village facts

  • Welcome to Kajulu Neighbourhood- and enjoy the warm and cool currents emerging from Lake Victoria and Nandi Hills.

  • this is a land rich in cultural practices ranging from clothing; traditional music; the housing; and way of life. Traditional huts erected by the Old Man in each home was used as an aribitration site for any family dispute or concern.

  • Kajulu is a Village rich in its cultural history and unique beliefs. Get treated to the Cultural Dances and Traditional Music;