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The Current Situation at Kajulu- Kenya

Despite the ravaging economic challenges stimulated by the world economic droopings, the youth who appear to be hard hit additionally by their social challenges.

Youth Development at the Example of Kenya!

Dear Friends,Despite the impending mediation results which we hope will give a new political dimension and dispensation to Kenyan politics, the political parties involved appears to be headed for some promising landscape if...

message fr John Mark on Feb 1st

A heads up from John that I received today Feb 1st, through sms:Hi Claudia, there is violence in Kisumu, following the murder of an ODM member of Parliament yet again, but trying to reach cyber cafe, kindly inform my village. Thanks John

Kenyan Situation!

Hi Friends,While the situation in Kenya is still volatile, the mediation talks have taken off well with alot of assurance that all will be well- we hope so!Meanwhile we pray for a lasting solution to so many problems that have bedevelled Kenya.

John Mark from Kajulu

Dear all, At the moment John Mark is unable to reach the internet, due to the violence in Kenya. Over the last week I've been in touch with him via SMS though:04 jan: "Hi Pelle! It’s terrible here! No phone cards.


Hullo everyone!
I'm glad to be sending this mail. I'm sorry as well for not being regular on our village. I will make up hopefully.

Welcome to my village

Welcome to Kajulu, a Village which hangs on two hills bordering Western and Nyanza Provinces to the North in Kenya. Its beauty is derived from its neighbourhood- Kisumu City, the third largest City in Kenya which anchors itself on Lake Victoria.

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