Help draft a business plan for a vocational training centre for youth

Status: Finished

You are requested to join hands with Kajulu community and help with drafting a business plan for the project. We need a businessplan for a vocational training in two subjects: Handicrafts and Motor Vehicle Maintenance.

We could borrow a few ideas from many villages who have already existing BP.

this will save time and we move on to something else.


I blog for these villages today I have featured Kajulu have a look


I'm new to Kajulu and would like to give a hand, let me hear from you if anything has already been done. Happy to give a hand in doing something to help Kajulu move foward.
Thanks, Mary


Hullo neighbors!
I welcome you back from the festive season and wish you a great year ahead. A warm welcome to the new friends as well. Thank you for finding the interest in being a part of this good initiative. With us together, a lot will be done. Lets now see how we can start finding solutions that will build this community.

Over the past weeks, there was a bad development in the community. I received photos from the local representative that I would like to share with you. From the photos section, you can view the situation in Kajulu following the floods that swept through the area towards the end of last year. Lets help this community rebuid from the current situation in any way that we can.

I thank you all once again and see progress ahead of us.

Tim Walsh


Sorry for being away. I have been up and down given the season but thanks to you all for the enthusiasm you have showed and a warm welcome to Sofi- our newest neighbour. Thanks for joining us and we all look forward to working with you to find solutions.

Nabuur is about helping communities find solutions to their problems using the internet and all is done voluntarily. This platform offers people the opportunity to help others less fortunate.

At the moment, Kajulu seeks help in drafting a business plan for the vocational training centre. For the start, we should fo cus on getting the draft out. Your contributions are very welcome and hope the little bit of information will help you.

Thanks and have a great holiday.

Tim Walsh
Facilitator, Kajulu


Hello !

I am a new neighbour!
could you inform me a bit?

Thank you!



Hullo and greetings to you all.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to Kajulu village, located in Kisumu-Kenya. This community has put forward project for the benefit of the youth and requests for your help.
I believe we can put hands together with the diverse ideas we have and help out in any way we can. You contributions to this initiative will be very much appreciated.

From potential failures, we could turn them into straight up citizens with dreams and ambitions.

Lets build lives and make a difference.

See you there,

Tim Walsh


Dear NABUUR Volunteers.

Today it's International Volunteer Day.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your dedication and invaluable support towards finding solutions.

The time and energy put forth into your volunteering work really make life changing differences for other people.

As NABUUR grows we are honored to work with passionate volunteers such as yourself, as you are the ones who make it happen.

NABUUR and all those involved celebrate you today, and we look forward to a long and continued collaboration.

It couldn't be done without you.

Warm regards,

Siegfried Woldhek



This is the financial model being an attachment to the business plan. You will find the set up is simpel.
I suppose you will have MS Office software available for using MS word and excel files.
On the excel file only use the first tab, (financial performance) the second tab was built for internal control.

Rds Ton


Dear friends,

I will help to draft a business plan for your project. I have made one for the Katwengata project in Nairobi in Kenya. You can find this project in the Nabuur database as well.

We had "some" discussions on this subject, however at the end we agreed upon on a format.
You could read the discussions we had to shorten the throughput of drafting a plan for your project.

I have the following recommendations; (please feel free to send your comments on this issue):
• In fact we have to start with a business model, describing more in detail, what your project is about. Simple what has to be done, by whom, how and when. The information provided on your page, is not sufficient yet.
• Be convinced of the fact that a business plan (BP) will need an OWNER. The project owner will need to take ownership, from experiences with other projects I know that this is from a paramount importance.
• A BP is an iterative process; starting from the initial set up, posting the actual performance; analysing the development, reviewing the coming years, etc. This is a very useful tool to manage a project for internal and external purposes. I could help with this process. This is a subject which we can tackle later. In my opinion an initial BP, without ongoing posting most actual information, the BP does not have any value.
• As the projects concerned are small and have in general a low risk profile, a simple and efficient format is sufficient and required. Simple is beautiful.
• The project should be able to maintain the BP by own staff later.
• I suppose there is no knowledge, in your project, about business planning. This is no problem, you will experience that the process is fascinating and simple.
• In the Katwengata project, I started with the financial format (part of the BP) to investigate the scale and funding of that project.
• For your convenience I will add the BP of the Katwengata project (Cooperative project for handicraft business.

I hope this information is not overdone to start with; however on the other hand we have a “working” BP format available.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, stupid questions don’t exists.

Kind regards Ton.


Hullo to you all!
Welcome to Kajulu.
Your support in helping Kajulu draft a business plan for a youth vocational training centre will be very much appreciated. You are welcome to join and share ideas in an effort to help the community.

I look forward to having you help us in addressing the situation faced by Kajulu village because it’s only with your knowledge, ideas, contacts and most of all, the time that you give to this project that will make a difference to the lives of many children, youth and the community in general.

Thank you