Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation - Supporting communities in western Uganda

Status: In progress

Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

The formation of LUYODEFO was out of deep aspiration by a group of motivated youth to respond to the plight of children, youth, women, and men impacted greatly by political conflict, disease, extreme poverty and other detriments in the Rwenzori region in western Uganda. The idea was to create a platform for empowering rural resource communities to contribute to sustainable livelihoods among the local, underprivileged communities, especially in their social, health, and economic well-being.

We are committed to ending social exclusion and discrimination; creating networks for children, youth, and women; increasing access to development services; and empowering all people to reach their potential and take responsibility for their development. We use very flexible approaches with a strong emphasis on active participation from our beneficiaries and their skills and talents.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
In progressHelp in designing a form for orphan and needy children screening132015-11-26 12:06A week
In progressSUPPORT OVC PROGRAM152014-07-14 15:30Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpProviding opportunities for recreation while supporting global causes. 12011-12-19 20:52Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpBREAK THE SILENT ISSUE OF MENSTRUATION: Use your talent to be part of the cause212015-11-26 12:14Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpHelp fundraise $ 1,500 to contribute towards shipping donations by July, 2013.32013-09-02 12:46Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpVolunteers required42013-10-06 14:32Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpOne World Champion for LUYODEFO22013-09-23 19:07

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
In progressINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE - Meet the Neighbours of Kajwenge village132013-10-18 13:35
In progressPROJECT ROOM - General project updates and information for Kajwenge village52015-07-05 15:59