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Village is the place on NABUUR where new solutions are found for the local community.

A Village on can represent a settlement, a township, a refugee camp, a slum, a neighbourhood or any other place where a group of people lives.

News from the villages

VillageCountryLast messageBecome a Neighbour!
Child pounds g.nuts in butikiro.JPGKiyuni ParishUgandajimmy1122Join
Notre Dame High School.jpgMasakaUgandajimmy1122Join
cover photo.jpgGITHURAIKenyajimmy1122Join
orphans welcome Barb.JPGKabondoKenyajimmy1122Join
facebook banner.JPGKajwengeUgandajimmy1122Join

New Villages on

VillageCountryLast ProjectBecome a Neighbour!
Muyuka.jpgMUYUKACameroonPromoting Animal Husbandry for YouthJoin
School children we support.jpgElminaGhanaDevelop a Website for University Practise Secondary School Join
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