Search support for purchase - 2 acres - of land - for the organisation !!!

Status: Needs urgent help

2 acres of land,are necessary for the organisation !!!

Sushmitra - how much money does it cost to buy 2 acres - and then how many school rooms do you need? this sounds like a Very large project - like the one we are attempting in Kyomya. I wonder if there is any way to get a famous person to donate? Like an actor or actress? Do you have any way of contacting them? And are you a tax deductible organization? This may well be a wishful dream - but I think it Might be possible.
Maybe someone who grew up poor and has now turned his/her life around and wants to give back to the community? I am telling all villages to try to get an article written about them in the newspaper - to get attention and possibly people will donate that way? Maybe someone has more land than he needs? Just an idea.
Ginger :)

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Dear Ginger

Thank you for your message.

Hope you are fine with your family.

The answers to your questions-

1)How much money does it cost to buy 2 acres?

Answer)I did not mention the cost because the land is in great demand!!! in our locality.The more it is late!!! the more the price rises!!!

2)How many school rooms do you need?

Answer)As many school rooms are needed for a class-12 school,so many will be needed.Few days back i had a sponsor for making a school room.

Even i had applied to German embassy(in India)who had primarily approved my project.Further processing is to be done.But their fund is also limited(not suficient to buy school land)

3)I wonder if there is any way to get a famous person to donate? Like an actor or actress?

Answer)I have never tried with them.I always apply to charity oganisations(India,foreign).

4)And are you a tax deductible organization?


5)I am telling all villages to try to get an article written about them in the newspaper - to get attention and possibly people will donate that way?

Answer)When Andrew-the Nabuur neighbour, visited my project,i had called the media(an important).He is my sister's friend.But he is so proudy!!!(which i did not know before) that he did not come at the last.Even i visit slums often and talk with the slum children.I have lots of news(to be published) related to slum children.But i think that the reporter does not!!! "like to highlight" the poor people's problems!!!

Along with my efforts,I keep on praying!!! wholehartedly!!! to the Almighty!!!to be guided!!! the right!!! way!!!as I know"Prayers can do miracles"

Thanks again for your concern and support for the school and it's vulnerable children.

Please keep my school and it's vulnerable children in your prayers.

Have very good time.

Almighty bless.

Take care,
Best regards,

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Hi Sushmita

Can you tell me how you are progressing with this project?

I am very interested in helping.



Dear Jack,

Thank you for your message.

I am progressing well.

I have got a plot of land with some rooms and space for toilet and that is being used !

The owner had been kind enough to allow to use the property !!!

The owner of the property has said to buy the plot as quickly as possible !



Sushmita - you always tell people the "price is going up". This is not an answer -How do we go out and try to raise money with no goal in mind????
Please be more specific. If you are afraid to quote a price, then it is definitely too high - and Nabuur is not about raising money in the first place! Best wishes-


Dear Ginger,

Thank you for your message !

Very happy to hear from you after long time !

Thanks for your website again !!! which you made for my project !!!

I am in Nabuur from 2006, and this is my 7th year running !!!
So i know, Nabuur principles !!!

You might have noticed along with me as local representative , facilitator, i am a good !!! volunteer too, helping different project ( as far my knowledge goes ) !!!

Truely ! speaking, the project property price is high ! as it's a full fledged building along with open land !

So i do not like to mention as i feel hesitated !



No one is going to fund a school without all the facts which includes the price of the land and the classroom information.

Kenya, Njiru Sewage Slums/Village.

Dear Sushmita,
Thanks a lot for the good work you are doing to help the poor vulnerable children in you community.
My argument is that you quote the price so the people can have a target. Consider all the factors then set a target. Use even the current price so that we can have a rough estimate.
May be a gain the price may be very high in your currency but still low in stable currencies like the dollar. Quote the price in dollars and I hope it will be in a few thousands.
It is very important to give directions as a local representative.
Thank you.
Josephat Nyagwaya.
Grapevine Community School.



Can we have a bit more detail about the school, your aims. Whats different about your school and the local government schools?



Dear Jack,

Thank you for your message.

My school " English Medium School " ( English language school ) .

I personally have studied from English medium school too, so my English is so strong compared to other Bengalis going to Government Bengali schools.

But Government schools are " Bengali Language schools" .

Government schools are funded ! by Government! but my school funded by myself !

As English is the International!!!! language and official !!!language of India, so " English medium schools " have great demand !!! in India !!!



Dear Ken,Josephat

Thank you for your message.

Thanks Ken, again for the seeds ! which you had sent before !!!

Josephat , hope your fundraising is going on nicely !!

I joined Nabuur in 2006 and my project came online in 2008 as Nabuur upgradation was going on.

Please note, i did not specify or mention the money because the valuation !!! of land changes !!! in India, as the time !!! changes.!!!

Please note, already the price of the land ( with rooms ) is high !.

And if i keep on changing ! the price, i feel ! very
guilty ! and hesitated !

Please do excuse !!! me for that !!!

Please note, ofcourse !!! i will mention !!! all the land details !!! ( with rooms ) when i find sponsors !!!to buy them !

Almighty !!! knows ! when i will have that golden ! day !

Please be assured, i will be open !! in all my details !!!
in proper ! time !



No one should continue supporting your project until you tell what the cost are, who is going to administer the funds, etc. What plans are for the future, etc.


Dear Ken,

Thank you for your message.

Already i have mentioned in my previous message that i will mention the amount, when i find any sponsors ofcourse !!!

If my personal fund !!! suffice before !! that i will personally buy the organisation land with rooms in my organisation name !!!!

The picure of the organisation building and land is in the news section !!! of my project !!!!
Please have a look !!!

Please for your information,I am already indebted to several bank loans and gold ( mortage ) loans which i did not let knoew in Nabuur before, except some good friends.
All those loans are in my personal!! name !!, and i have used up the money for the organisation cause !!!

I do not !!! like so much to open out at first only, unless need arises, and it is against my nature !!! as i am
" introvert " But you are repeatedly insisting on the same thing,( asking the amount ) which is against !!! my nature,!!! so i am bound !! to open out myself that how much i open out and dedicate financially and simply for my project, whether the outer or sponsor.s help is ready at hand or not, it does not matter to me !!! by Almighty's grace !!!

Please let me tell you, always i don't keep on depending !!! on sponsors !!! for fund !

I try my level best before that !!!