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  • Hi neighbours,
    Well, this is our village where we can meet to chat about anything you like! I like to use it as a way to make initial introductions as well. So, why not tell us a little bit about yourself. Where in the world are you? what do you love doing in your spare time? What made you join Kapuwai? Let us know right here!

    I'm Stanley Okurut, I'm 47 and live in Uganda and i m married to a beautiful wife. We have four children. In my spare time I love being with my family and visiting dear ones.

  • Hi Stanely- good work on the proposal. I see you have tight deadline.
    I have some feedback regarding the proposals- I hope you don't mind me outlining them here. I have also made changes with TRACKING on your actual document. You can accept or reject the changes. I hope you can work Tracking- if not email me!!

  • Hi again Stanley,

    I stumbled up on a document which has some very interesting suggestions that could help inform your proposal. See the section: How Civil Society in Uganda can maximize its role in the
    APRM process. Lots of ideas on how to imbed the APRM process in local communities. Feel free to use these suggestions- it will make your proposal stronger (if they are applicable)


  • Stanley,

    How big is your healthcare center? THET in the UK ( is one organization that Arrow Web Hospital (Kayole-Soweto village here at Nabuur) has had some communication with about establishing a linkage to a larger hospital. Unfortunately, due to it's small size, they were not able to match them to a large hospital, but their recommendation was to partner with other small hospitals or health centers in the area, form a collaborative group of provides and then link the group with a larger facility.

  • Stanley-

    Attached is a list of a few different resources you may be able to contact to help with equipment for your lab. Some of these are focused on schools only, so when contacting them you may want to specifically reference your needs in relation to the nursing school. I collected these based on some prior research that Mary Smith and I did for the Masaka village and also based on contacts made previously for Arrow Web Hospital.

    I hope that one or more of these are helpful to you.

    All the best-


  • Hi Stanley, i have attached some info about the control of Newcastle disease. However, i also believe no matter how much you vaccinate,the initial plan must involve better housing and hygine. Hence i will forward to your email an ebook on improved rural management of poultry farming as it just cant get attached on here. Do you think the cooling boxes used in the fishing industry will help in the transportation of the vaccines? Got to research more about how to make those solar fridges.

    Yours in Service
    JIS Birungi

  • I have critically read through your idea of poultry and pig farm business at I have a very strong feeling and belief that regular vaccination is only a supplementary intervention to better management practices in the prevention and control of diseases.

    Our community has engage in small scale piggery and now poultry is coming up with exotics. My experience has shown that animals of farmers applying relative better management are really attacked and or survive the epidemics you quote.A better point is to start small and expand as the experience of those involved develop.

  • Stanley, attached is the info about the solar refridgeration project i told you about. If it fits what we may consider, where do we go from here?
    Yours in Service
    JIS Birungi