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Maria Mother Charity Relief Home International empower the vulnerable children, youths and women with education/survival skills. MMCRHI realizes that the key cause of high levels of poverty in Zambian children, youths and adults is unemployment due to limited industries. Unemployment has caused youths and adults engage in street roaming, drunkenness, prostitution and theft habits. This vulnerability surrounding children, youths and women can only be addressed by concerted efforts from all stakeholders. Failure to augment the existing efforts has caused the accelerating numbers of unemployment and leaving many dying from different diseases.

MMCRHI has identified children, youths and women which the Organization supports into schools and skills training centers.

MMCRHI runs a school from Kindergarten to Junior Secondary. It also runs a Skills Training Center and Adult Literacy Center.

Offering education and Survival skills to children, youths and women shall equip these vulnerable souls with greater chances for employment opportunities in the rural parts of Zambia.

To achieve this, MMCRHI intends to continue enlarging its infrastructure and machinery in the identified communities.


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Needs urgent helpURGENT NEED202010-11-03 08:22
Just startedVOLUNTEER IN ZAMBIA - Several volunteer posts available in Africa12010-04-11 03:55

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Just startedBLOWN ROOF AT THE SCHOOL02009-12-03 12:37

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Just startedADULT LITERACY CENTER 32009-08-19 08:26
In progressShare your ideas for income-generating activities at the school102009-06-16 05:53

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In progressWorldschool Assignment - Thread for Henk Slot and Chiel Hengeveld32009-12-03 11:53
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