Hope Beyond Worldwide ( Story from the Beginning)

It all started with Hope Beyond Uganda, with the knowledge and support from our staff the program was started with aim to send volunteers to other villages or organisations that are in need of volunteer support for skills and community development in Uganda.

Hope Beyond Uganda came into existance and operated by Ochieng Kennedy from the HCFA Board together with the help of other HCFA staff that we started recruiting a number of volunteers that have helped so much in developing the country, now that H.B has grown with a number of more than 20 villages receiving volunteer support.

Having recruited more than 100 vounteers from the international and local leve regardless of where they come from we believe that "Everyone can do something!" Change in Africa is brought by the volunteers that give their time, skils and ideas to make a difference.

H.B now changes from Hope Beyond Uganda to Hope Beyond Worldwide, we are extending the program to other countries around the globe to work on helping every developing community in ways that create direct impact on the lives of people that live in those communities.

Change has been seen, we thank everyone that came together in supporting , spreading the word and working hand in hand to make this great work going and growing. Thanks to Cathy Oliver our facilitator at HCFA for her support and work towards this.

If your a village there and in need of volunteers, please get in touch regardless of your location we can make a trip to come and visit your projects and then see how we can go about the partnership. We welcome worldwide partners and any neighbor interested in helping out or being part of our programs we welcome...

Online Project Managers and Program Coordinators , are highly welcomed to join our team. Welcome to 2011. To keep informed of our work please join us on;

Facebook; http://www.facebook.com/pages/HB-Worldwide-International-Volunteering-Ad...


Visit our website; www.hbvolunteeruganda.yolasite.com to learn more about us and how you can get involved.

Greetings from the HCFA team and H.B Worldwide.
Kind regards,
Kennedy Ochieng
CEO (Director)
Hope Beyond Worldwide

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We arrange programs that gives everyone a chance to make a difference! and the people who receive it are left with smiles. Thank everyone for your support in our work

Hope Beyond Worldwide

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