Development and Promotion of Income Generating Activities

Status: Stalled

In this project we will be generating ideas for profitable income generating activities and developing a plan to get those activities underway in the village.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
In progressResearch succesful Income Generating Activities212012-07-17 14:33Two hours
FinishedDesign a Logo for HOPE Children's Foundation Africa172013-05-03 08:01Half a day

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedResearch North American Fiscal Sponsors22010-03-18 02:13Two hours
FinishedHelp Design a Website for HOPE Children's Foundation Africa32010-03-18 02:20Two weeks or more
Needs urgent helpBecome an Advocate of our Project on BetterPlace.org32010-02-04 05:21Less than an hour
Needs urgent helpHelp write Grant Applications 112011-03-21 19:10Two weeks or more

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
In progressA Friend In The SLUM12011-01-30 02:42