A Friend In The SLUM

Status: In progress

In my life i have been inspired by a friend like "OMEZA" the way he takes his life and how he really spends his day in his "WOODY HOUSE" . My best friend (Orphaned at young too) ever the one i feel happy when we both have like such a moment sharing some thoughts etc. A man who spends his day by day life at his place as his own workshop in front of his WOODY HOUSE. Looking at the situation in the area, Malaria has been another concern which HCFA will adopt to. Either it's a rainy season or sunny Kawempe Slums never get dry due to the water getting stuck in the swamp (bush) and also sanitation has been very poor in the area . Imagining a life where people are at risk of getting diseases and water entering their houses and you find people carrying their households out of the houses. The situation is more worse everyday single day it rains. This is all from OMEZA a person you can find an inspiring story from about the life he is going through.