Exciting News from Arrow Web Hospital

2009 is off to a fantastic start for Arrow Web Hospital!

Medical Supplies from the UK

In 2008, Alison Lowndes from AVIF in the UK (http://www.avif.org.uk/) was able to secure 2 boxes of medical supplies for Arrow Web Hospital. She worked tirelessly for months to secure transport for the boxes for free through Kenya Airways and was finally able to make that a reality. This effort took and incredibly amount of patience and persistence. While these negotiations were taking place, Alison was able to secure 9 more boxes of supplies as well. The first boxes arrived at Arrow Web Hospital last week. The next 9 are expected to leave the UK in the coming week. Arrow Web Hospital is incredibly grateful to Alison for her diligence, Kenya Airways and everyone else involved in the UK for making this happen.

Frontline SMS

Alison also read a story about Frontline SMS and (from her email to me) "After a few phone calls, Josh Nesbit, working with Ken Banks and http://www.kiwanja.net have partnered with The Wireless Source - a cell phone recycling company based in the US. They've processed over 17 million handsets since 1995. Here is a quick description of the partnership:

With support from The Kiwanja Foundation, they will create a website showcasing clinics and organizations that have a need for mobile phones, in order to support healthcare delivery.

For example: Clinic X needs 100 phones. It's likely they'll receive 1,000 phone donations (or many more) via the website and concurrent outreach. If donated phones are worth, on average $10, there will be $10,000 available to buy fitting phones for that clinic (correct GSM band, necessary functionality, etc.).

As an example, the St. Gabriel's project in Malawi: The network allows the hospital to respond to requests for emergency medical care, track patients, record HIV and TB drug adherence, stay updated on patient status, mobilize remote communities for outreach testing, provide instant drug dosage/usage information, and connect HIV/AIDS support group members. Each phone pulls another 50 families into the communications network."

I have had the pleasure of talking with Josh and we are hoping to soon arrange an online meeting between Josh and Bramuel. We are incredibly excited about the possibilities of partnering with them and hope to see this project develop further this summer. For more information, please visit www.jopsa.org.

Networking with Facebook

Bramuel and I also recently had the pleasure of meeting a great guy, named Wes, via our Facebook page, who is interested in coming to visit the hospital this summer. Wes is a documentary film maker and is currently working in Mexico. He does fantastic work and I am very excited about this pending visit. I think that it will be a very beneficial experience for the hospital and local community as a whole. This is a little about the work he's doing in Mexico right now in his own words:

"A far as my work in Mexico, there are about 320 kids that live in and around the Puerto Vallarta city trash dump. Many of the kids were born their and have no legal papers to prove their existence. They are not able to attend school, get jobs and anything else people like yourself or I can do. They live in shacks with no running water or electricity, there is abuse of all kinds that occur on a daily basis. But, we have all viewed the commercials of poverty and struggle, I think we can all agree that it is a sad situation. I am trying to show the positive in these people, the willingness to learn and progress in their young lives. I chose not to focus on the negative, I think our society has seen enough of it. I don't really know what will come from it, if anything, I hope the people in Mexico know and understand that there are others on the outside that do care for them. Sometimes that is all it takes, is to know that someone has your back."

Wes is equally excited about his upcoming visit to Kenya and I truly believe his heart is in the right place. He's been emailing with both Bramuel and I for the past few weeks, and we're very happy he's planning to visit.

Bicycles for the Communty Health Team

Finally, I am ecstatic about receiving assistance from Tour D'Afrique Foundation (http://www.tourdafrique.com/foundation/) who will be donating 5 bicycles for the hospital Community Health Team on March 7th in Nairobi on very short notice. We are incredibly thankful to them and looking forward to the donation ceremony.

All the best-

Facilitator for Kayole-Soweto


It is easy to build a bicycle ambulance to take people to the hospital. If this interest anyone, I can tell them how to build it. Welding is not necessary; can be bolted together.

Hospital might could use cargo trailers for supplies.



Hi ken
Thank you very much for the ideas although the hospital now has an ambulance which we are using it now.
many regard