It's been a very good week!

It has been one amazing and busy week for Arrow Web Hospital!

Medical Supplies from the UK Released

Last week started off with a lot of uncertainty for the hospital. The 9 boxes of medical supplies from the UK arrived last weekend and Bramuel was being told by the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) that he had to pay well over $200 before they would agree to release them. Bramuel was well-advised by a friend how to deal with this situation and filed a complaint later in the week with the corruption unit. They told him that he was an excellent investigator. After 6 months and a lot of hassle from the KRA, Bramuel was able to secure all 9 boxes and only pay the fee for storage to the airport and nothing more.

Kitchen Table Charities Trust Proposal Accepted

Later in the week, in the midst of trying to get the boxes released, we received word from Kitchen Table Charities Trust that they have accepted our proposal for funding. They have requested transfer of the funds we requested for the medical laboratory equipment. We expect this at any time. This is another huge step toward long-term sustainability for Arrow Web Hospital. This equipment will allow the hospital to apply for inspection for the next higher level of accreditation. It will also allow the hospital to begin accepting outside referrals. In the 5 months since the hospital received it's initial accreditation, the reimbursement amount from NHIF has increased each month but one. For the month of February, the hospital will be reimbursed around $1320. This is over 50% higher than the first month they began accepting NHIF cards.

Tour d'Afrique Donations 5 Bicycles to Arrow Web Hospital

On Saturday, 3/7, Bramuel was able to attend the bicycle donation ceremony put on by Tour d'Afrique. He accepted a donation of 5 bicycles for the Community Health Team. This will be a great benefit to the hospital and make it so much easier for the Community Health Team to get around the local area.

Meeting with the Japanese Embassy

To start the new week off right, I am also happy to report that Bramuel has a meeting with the Japanese Embassy in Nairobi tomorrow. This meeting will be to discuss the hospital's plans to build their own facility so that they no longer have to spend money on rent each month.

Blog & Twitter

Finally, I would like to direct you all to our new and improved blog site, Friends of Arrow Web Hospital, located at For those of you who use Twitter we now have a presence there as well. We are @arrowwebhosp.

Bramuel and I want you all to know how invaluable your contributions have been. While things have been quiet here at Nabuur, things are still moving forward in a very positive direction. Bramuel has been so busy that he has not been able sit down with the hospital board to determine new priorities for tasks, but hopes to do that very soon. Thank you all again for all you do to support the Kayole-Soweto village.

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Its so good to see things going so well :)

Bram, the bike pics are great!



I like the new developments too!

Best wishes-Raphael