Arrow Web Hospital Welcomes 6 visiters from the UK, USA, KOREA AND ZAMBIA

Arrow Web Hospital has again received 6 visitors from UK-USA-KOREA AND ZAMBIA.

Arrow Web Hospital received three students from Dundee University in the UK who will be at Arrow Web Hospital for the next six weeks.

Yesterday we had a short visit from Nick Pearson from USA who is in Kenya to visit some projects. We discussed partnerships in community health care development and he chose ARROW WEB HOSPITAL among the projects he wants to work with. We are looking forward for his comments and a possible partnership with Nick and his two friends who run Jacarada Health Care.

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I am very happy to see the hospital still receiving international visitors. That is great news. I am also very pleased to see things progressing as they are. Please send my best to everyone there.

Kind regards-



Hi Jennifer
Thank you yes we are still moving forward I hope to update the blog soon
Best wishes


may God bless them for their concern about the health of Soweto

we are the voice of voiceless