School year report and next steps

News from the last CBSM fundraising committee meeting

The school closed for the summer on 4 Aug 09. As of the end of the term the school lost about 100 pupils due to the following:
1. The country wide famine in the country has driven many children away from school and CBSM was also affected.
2. Some refugees moved back to Mt Elgon after government deployment of armed forces to control the situation.
As a result the school closed on 4th with only 149 pupils.
Records show that about 40 pupils left Kimilili back to Mt Elgon with their parents .The rest suffered the effects of hunger and left the school. Teachers’ effort to return them in school was in vain, especially after the school ran out of food. Many people are now harvesting and teachers are optimistic that most of the children will return by next term.
During the final exams, the teachers observed the following:
1. The students took a long time to complete the test ( if standard time for doing mathematics is 1 hr, at the end of it less than half had done all questions but the rest are far below finishing) .The teachers recommended (if resources available) the introduction of more frequent tests/exams which will improve the speed and standards.
2. Performance of the pupils this term was low compared to other terms.
3. Some children indicated serious improvement in class performance.
Next steps (if funds available):
• Buy text books for pupils for home work and doing exercises in class.
• Provide teachers guide books
• Provide adequate and consistence supply of food to facilitate concentration in school and growth.
• Discuss teachers’ remuneration to boost morale and motivate them
Good news: One community member by the name Wilfred Wabwoba has offered his plot to CBSM,to build semi permanent house for the American peace corps and other volunteers to the project. The plot is offered for free for five years. The plot is less than ¼ an acre. The location of the plot is just behind the new district commission’s offices. Only condition given is that CBSM and the plot owner to have a written agreement for five years with option of buying land at market price. Janerose (women leader of one of village phone saloon) offered for free (from her home/farm made forestry) trees/timber for the building of the entire house. Another community member has offered for free ½ an acre land near the river for planting of school crop for this planting season only.

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