Nutrition and School Garden Project

Community Breakthrough Support Mission is a community of people helping to educate and care for 250 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Kimilili, Kenya.

With the help of Nabuur neighbours we are going to analyse our present method of feeding the children and come up with practical solutions to improve the quality and quantity of food we give our children, as well as plan for better efficiency and lowering our costs.

The central question we are posing is,

"How can we improve the nutritional program of the school by analysis and presentation of a school gardening project?"

The CBSM Nutrition and School Garden Project includes the following three steps:

1. Analysis of School Nutritional Program
2. Setting up a Small-scale Farming Project Plan
3. Proposing a Long-term Small-scale Agricultural Business Proposal

The result of each of these steps will be a documented and published on the Nabuur site or on a website we are creating.

School gardens are becoming a trend here in the US. It might perhaps be interesting and useful for you to connect with a US school or kids community garden project here in the US. If you are interested let me know and I will see what I can do. I have connections here in Madison Wisconsin and Ann Arbor Michigan.


I am wiilling to help when you request it. I can mail you some farming DVDS. Using organic, no-till there is no hard labor involved. Children can plant and harvest the crops. Use bucket drip irrigation during the dry season. Must be willing to bring water to the garden.

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