water is life ,we depends on water ,animals depends on water and also plants depends on water

we know water is life , people depends on water ,plants depends on water ,here in kiserian village we have experience some drought seasons and water become difficult to get and it is expensive to buy ,which now water selling is a good business
we sajos academy we can up with idea to start a water project to generate income which will make our school self sustainable
we hereby request all our friends , neighbors to come out support our project with ideas ,information or materially ,for now we are experiencing water shortage in our area but we have some bore holes which supply water and sale to individual or businessmen per unit -- they sell the water per one jerrycan 10kshs
-- 150 kshs per one drum
--one day you can sell may be 200 jerrycans which is kshs 2000
--may be you sell about 5drums which is about kshs 750
--one day you can sell water worth less than kshs 2,500
-- when you multiply with 28 days of work you get kshs 70,000 --within our area this can work well and within one month you can pay about kshs 15,000 per month to the suppler and left with kshs 55,00 which can help the school to run well and buy learning materials ,pay rent and teachers
what we need to reach our goal
-connection fees=30,000kshs
-pipes to conect=20,000kshs
-labour =10,000kshs
-rent ground =5,000kshs
-tank rotto =20,000kshs
-stand =10,000kshs

total 95,000kshs

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Hi Daniel

I am happy to see that you are looking at ways to make the school self-sufficient :)

A suggestion - if you are asking people to help you find money for an income-gerating activity for the school (water or anything else), don't just tell them how much money you need. Provide information on how much you believe that the business will make once it is up and running, based on research you have done in the local area - the demand for the service, ongoing running costs (rent, maintenance, advertising etc), likely income from sales etc. So create a simple business plan just as you would when seeking start-up funding for any other kind of business.



thanks for your guidelines

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