food program started

Status: In progress

Things needed to start the feeding program
-rice one bag of 50kgs @kshs 5,000

-cooking fat of 17kgs @kshs 3,000

-charcoal one bag rylon@kshs 2,000

-porridge flour of 50kg@kshs 3,000

-sugar one bag of 50kgs@kshs 4,500

-cups and plates 138pcs@kshs 4,000

- spoons 68 pieces @kshs 2,000

-miscellaneous budget @kshs 2,000

total budget is kshs 25,500

we as sajos academy hereby request all our friends and neighbors to come and help with ideas how we can do to start this FEEDING PROGRAM AND LEARING MATERIALS program,we have a lot of programs but we want to start with this TWO PROGRAMS
hoping to hear a good feedback from all our friends ,you are welcome to assist with one items if your are blessed