Brainstorming session: How to make the school self-sufficient

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Less than an hour

Please read the background on the school which can be found here.

For this task, every neighbour is invited to post their ideas.

One idea which was implemented already was to sell bracelets, soap, salt, paper bags & toothpicks at the Kiserian market to generate income for the school. Also, children who are enrolled pay a fee.

Do you have any ideas what else can be done? The aim is to make the school at least self-sufficient.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me (Marlen) or Daniel, the local representative in Kiserian, or if it's a general comment or question you can post it below.

If you have land, use farming to support the school. Requires no funds except for seed and bucket driplines. I can help you.


Hi Ken, thanks a lot for these links! The school does not own any land yet, but we might be able to use the information at a later stage, once the school is able to buy some land.


For the school to be self-sufficient, earnings will need to be equal to, or more than, expenses. An estimate of the shortfall between earnings and expenses might help neighbours provide specific solutions.


Hi Vijai, first of all, welcome to Kiserian and thanks for your help!
At the moment, we try to get as many ideas as possible that just generally can help the school create income.

@Daniel: It probably can't hurt to have a list of income and expenses anyway, can you make one?


Hi Marlen,
An estimate will help to focus better on the quantum of funds required. For example, if the shortfall between annual expenses and income is US$ 10,000, it will not be prudent to involve in tasks where income generation is only US$ 100 per month (or US$ 1000 per annum), since it will take more than 10 years to make up the shortfall.


Solar cookers for cooking and to purify water is done in some places.

Solar battery chargers is another one.

I can get info on the above is you are interested.


we kiserian village may we say thank for all those are joining our village ,we welcome you all with our both hands on behalf of others me as local representative of the village in nabuur say welcome all.
our help from above junior school was started to help the mentally children s and healthy children s within community who they parents luck money to take them to school.we us community we contribute monthly to enable us buy learning materials,food ,rent ,among other needs in the school after we contribute we find ourselves with about kshs 10,000 because you will find some members with some problem to raise a hundred shilling per day ,because we Kenyan you find we work less than a dollar a day
our budget for next term
1 learning materials-kshs 5000
2 food and fruits -kshs 5000
3 firewood -kshs 6000
4teachers -kshs 5000
5 rent -kshs 5000
6 water -kshs 3000
7 chalk -kshs 1000
total budget =kshs30,0000


we don't have a land we usually rent the school we pay it monthly which is kshs 5000 per monthly ,we want to find a big space where we can rent or buy to build the school ,so thank for your support and ideas we appreciate it


Hi Daniel,

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I can understand from your post above:

- the available funds are 10,000 Kenyan Shillings

- the funds required for the next term are 30,000 Kenyan Shillings
(you have mentioned the total as 30,0000 which I presume is a typing error)

Hence, your requirement of funds shall be as under:

- for next term 30,000 minus 10,000 = 20,000 Kenyan Shillings

- for further terms, the requirement shall again be 20,000 Kenyan Shillings assuming a collection of 10,000 from the existing members has been made. In case this contribution becomes nil, the requirement of funds shall be maximum 30,000 Kenyan Shillings per term.

How long is a term? - is it 3 months, or is it 6 months?

Assuming a conversion rate of 76 Kenyan Shillings for 1 USD - the requirement of 20,000 to 30,000 Kenyan Shillings converts to 263 to 394, or say 300 to 400 USD per term.

Hence, you can now request the neighbours on nabuur to suggest ideas for generating at least 300 to 400 USD per term, so that the school becomes self sustainable. Please also specify the number of months in one term.

Since the core function of the school is to provide education to the children, you must not shift all attention to generating this income only. Hence, you must try to focus on only 2-3 activities which can generate at least 300-400 USD per term.

You can now assess what I have mentioned above to see if there are still any errors in my understanding of your message, and can then post your final requirement on this thread, so that neighbours on nabuur can then provide totally focussed solutions.

With best wishes



hi all
this is Daniel the local representative of kiserian village ,am happy for all those are supporting with any ideas or information ,because it lift us up even if we have needs ,am so sorry about the error which occurs when i was typing our budget for one term which is three month long is kshs 30,000 which is equivalent u.s dollar 300-400


Hi Dan,
Thanks for your very worthy cause. You have to focus on both short term and long term strategies as you plan ahead. Your immediate short term need of the 20,000 can only be met by you making deliberate efforts to involve and engage community members, well wishers and leaders (especially) to contribute money or goats that can meet the shortfall. However, for self-sufficiency the school will need to have land, build classes, dig borehole and start projects such as goat or Chicken rearing, (Considering Kiserian climatical conditions) . Above all you and your team will need to be honest, transparent and accountable to the community members, well wishers and leaders who choose to support you. Only then will there be goodwill for the community to continue supporting you.


we kiserian village we are transparent and we say what we have in hand and we cant say we have what we do not have in hand ,this school was started to help the mentally children s and vulnerable children s within community ,sometimes we luck even the money to pay the teachers ,at this moment we have many children s at home of the same but we cant enroll them because we luck fund to enable us to have more children s ,this school is like a rescue school because we help this children s from negligence ,abuse ,lab our and others problems in short we can say we offer free education to them,about chicken or goat rearing ,we don't have our own land ,we rent two rooms which we use as school,when we get our own land we can start it


As I understand it, the school has some land now that they can use.