Background: Kisozi

Project background

  • Hope Alive Uganda is a local NGO that was established in 2005 to help in addressing the problem of increasing number of orphans with no education that has seriously hit the village.

Village facts

  • Kisozi is a small sub county in Buzaya but has a large very large population which could have been as a result of poor family planning services since people produce when they even don't have anything to cater for the children.

  • Kisozi is one of the 5 sub county forming up Buzaya county in Kamuli district. It is 11Km from Nawanyago, the trading centre and takes roughly 10mins on a boda boda. It consists of people of varrying culture and races ranging from Indians, arabs and the native africans and languages spoken are so divergent from family to family.
    The commom languages spoken includes; Lusoga, Luganda, Lou, Langi, Arabic and many others.