Visitor from the Netherlands

For some time, we have been involved in talks with someone from the Netherlands.

We have been involved in these talks as we feel it is important to make long term plans and to create opportunities for people to generate income in Kisozi. The person from the Netherlands is leading a bicycle project and interested in new projects to work with. After some talks, that person came to visit our organization to see our project himself. We are not finished talking yet and he will come back for further talks in about 2, 3 weeks. We will keep in touch and hope that we will be able to set up something ambitious here and work out things in detail.


The Dutch organization that visited Kisozi is interested in setting up a cycling to school project and a health care program. Talks will proceed next week! Naturally, both parties have to agree on conditions and terms in the end.


Thanks to all people who have have put and are still putting in their efforts to ensure that this project is implemented .I think people in developing countries need long term projects that are sustainable and thus we shall achieve improved welfare of people in our local communities
Richard Waiswa
Project Coordinator