Supporting Orphans in Kisozi

Status: In progress

Kamuli district, Eastern region as for the last 20 years suffered from AIDS scourge which has led to low level of livelihood/hold incomes maturation high mortality rate of stress school dropouts among others. The level of education in the region is at present very low standards of living. This is mostly affecting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, hence dropping out of school or not enrolling at all especially on educational and health needs of orphans. The problems of orphans in this region are worsening even further. Therefore, this project is intended to remedy the problems orphans/vulnerable children in its operation areas by enabling them access education.


Step 1

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedDesign a logo to represent Hope Alive Uganda82011-03-07 09:55
FinishedDesign a marketing brochure for Hope Alive Uganda192015-05-16 15:14
FinishedCreate a Business Card Template92010-12-13 22:34
FinishedSubmit the Hope Alive Uganda Website to Search Engines82009-02-07 09:48
FinishedDevelop a Marketing Plan for Hope Alive Uganda22009-03-14 18:03
Finished The Children Of Hope Alive Uganda Needs Urgent Help02009-02-03 14:52
FinishedThe Budget For Children Of Hope Alive Uganda12009-02-14 22:23
FinishedBEDDINGS AND CLOTHINGS222010-10-31 10:03
FinishedBeds project752010-06-21 17:16Two weeks or more
FinishedUrgent: set up a paypal account132009-04-19 19:07
FinishedUrgent task: help Eddy buy a good modem362009-05-18 22:46
StalledGoat project82011-07-03 14:49Two weeks or more
FinishedReusable sanitary pads252010-03-27 13:08Two weeks or more
FinishedA bed for Elizabeth152009-08-17 14:50
FinishedMake contracts and guidelines for volunteers72009-08-05 16:22A week
FinishedMosquito nets82010-01-20 16:32Two weeks or more
FinishedWorld school task - Lynnet, Maike, Marilou and Astrid82010-04-23 13:18Two weeks or more
FinishedSchool fees for David Kawomera42009-11-01 07:55A week
FinishedWorld school task - Alis and Fleur132010-03-14 09:16Two weeks or more
FinishedWorld school task - Myrthe, Nelleke and Anouk122009-11-26 17:41Two weeks or more
In progressTailoring project02010-03-27 13:40Two weeks or more
In progressCrafts project62011-07-03 06:05Two weeks or more
In progressPoultry project52012-03-11 19:53Two weeks or more
In progressHIV/AIDS center and training program42010-11-29 09:07Two weeks or more
Just startedCatering project52011-07-20 05:08A week
Needs urgent helpSponsorship program12013-06-09 13:46Two weeks or more

Step 2

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedHelp Develop and Implement a Sexual Health Education program242010-10-31 10:45
FinishedHelp Develop and Implement a plan for teaching orphans to combat Malaria92011-07-03 06:08
FinishedVolunteers wanted252010-01-02 17:14
FinishedChild sponsorship and ways to support orphans - a discussion342011-08-25 16:38

Step 3

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
FinishedDISCUSSION: Vocational Training and Income Generation Activities162010-03-27 13:32
FinishedREVIEW and MAKE SUGGESTIONS: Hope Alive Sponsorship Program82012-04-20 10:21

General tasks

StatusTaskRepliesLast replyTime needed
Just startedINTRODUCE YOURSELF HERE- Meet the Project Team322012-02-03 21:28
Just startedPROJECT ROOM-A Place for General Project Updates and Information192010-06-29 13:27
FinishedMaize flour needed392012-02-24 14:49
FinishedEaster Party 200972009-04-10 09:27